Factors That Break Trust in Relationship

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3 years ago

Many Relationships has been trying to fight out trust issue in relationships. That is: the guy might not trust the lady or the lady don’t trust the guy.. For this reason lots of relationships has been broken into pieces

English dictionary defines TRUST as below:

“Confidence in or reliance on some person or quality”

  1. Changing from your initial attitude

What do I mean by that? For example: your boyfriend knows you to be a kind that doesn’t like keeping late nights or late going to night party, or keeping many Friends, if you suddenly change to doing such.

There will be trust issue

You have to be consistent in your attitude in a relationship. If there will be a change your boyfriend or girlfriend must be aware of the reasons for the Change.

2. Unnecessary secret keeping in relationships

For example: you engage yourself in some act that you know your partner will not want, for that reason you decided to hide some things from him or her even if it’s a common business opportunity that will still benefit both of you.

There will be trust issue.

3. Social media intervention in your relationship

A good relationship have no reason to hide anything under no circumstances must you hide in a trusted relationship. A good relationship must be very open and and transparent to one another.

Social media is a wide topic on it own that has cause lot of atrocity in many relationships

You said you are not dating him but he will always be on your status/profile with a common like these following: I miss you dear, long time baby, my dealing you are the best and lots more. No matter how you prove yourself, your partner will be finding it difficult to trust you.

It’s very wrong to display unjustly people or friends you are not dating if not on their special days like birthdays or wedding days and so on or if not for a very important reason, mostly in the presence of your boyfriend/girlfriend

The best friend you need to keep should be your partner. If you are keeping close friends aside your relationship there might be trust issues.

Good relationship are best friends and best enemies to one another because you are meant to fight and still come back as friends.

Social media can be a reason for your relationship break up and can also strengthen your love.

You have no reason to hide anything on media from your partners.

Make your relationship open relationship, don’t hide anything even your passwords shouldn’t be hidden.

If you can at list do all this listed above. With convenience and confidence your partner will be bold to say she can not do it I trust her.

4. Not doing the right things at the right time

You have been in a relationship for long but non of your friends and family knows him or her. For that reason your partner might be thinking that you are not proud of him or her and didn’t want people to know you are dating him or her or you have someone somewhere else.

A good relationship must be open to friends and family must know.

5. Unnecessary friends keeping

When your friends are not really relevant to your life or let me put it this way. You are claiming to be holy but the kinds of friends you keep are just the opposite of your claims. There will be trust issue no way in the relationship.

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This factors contribute to so many head aches :)

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