Do you Know About Delta Airlines Pet Travel Policy?

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Know about the pet travel policy in Delta airlines.

Travelling with pets is always a great experience for the passengers who love their pets. Delta airlines allow their passengers to carry their pets along in flight. Some pets are allowed in the cabin while others are carried in the cargo.

Pet travel policy in Delta airlines

A passenger can carry their pets in Delta airlines flights according to the pet policy of the airline. The policy includes all the rules and restrictions and is as follows:

1 Household animals such as small dogs, cats, household birds are allowed as carry-on pets.

2. The one-way fee of the pet can be paid on the check-in counter at the airport.

3. The carrier should be such that the pet can easily fit, properly ventilated and easily fits under the seat.

The kennels of the pet will be counted as a carry-on item.

The pet should comfortably fit in the carrier and able to move around.

The kennel should be leak-proof and ventilated from at least two sides.

For domestic travel, pet should be at least 10 weeks old.

A limited number of pets are allowed per cabin and are served on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The dimensions of the kennel can be checked on Delta airlines website.

To know more about the policies and services, a passenger can contact Delta airlines reservations. The contact details are provided on the official website of Delta airlines.

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