Developing Your Social Quotient For Successful Living

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In this article, we be learning on balancing I.Q (intelligence Quotient), E.Q (Emotional Quotient) and S.Q (social Quotient) for a Successful living.And I believe we will gained one or two things in this article.

Social intelligence is the capacity to know oneself and to know others. Social Intelligence develops from experience with people and learning from success and failures in social settings. It is more commonly referred to as "tact", "common sense", or "street smarts".

Examples of social intelligence include knowing when to talk or listen, what to say, and what to do. Timing is a big part of social intelligence. For example, someone who is imperceptive may tell a funny joke – but at the wrong time, or not show enough interest when meeting someone new.

Your social Intelligence determine your social relationship especially when you meet new people online.

Your Social Quotient determines how do you deal with new people online, how do you relate with them, how do you make them feel.

Everyone wants to feel loved and happy at home and at work. The key is healthy relationships. Research suggested that Social Intelligence aka Social Quotient is essential for effective leadership and help teams work better together. Social Quotient is important when work relationships are established.

Social Intelligence (SQ) is closely related and definitely linked to Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Benefits of social intelligence

Individuals with social intelligence can sense how other people feel, know intuitively what to say in social situations, and seem self-assured, even in a larger crowd. You might think of these folk as having “people skills,” but what they truly possess is social intelligence.

One must learn and know how to handle people! This is very important. hence it may turn to robot relationship within working atmosphere.

They never overgeneralize other people through their behaviors. (They don’t use “you always” or “you never” to illustrate a point.)

They do not confuse their opinion of someone for being a fact about them.

They speak with precision.

They don’t immediately deny criticism, or have such a strong emotional reaction to it that they become unapproachable or unchangeable.

How do you increase your S.Q?

How do you improve your S.Q?

How to improve social intelligence

1) Pay attention to other people. It is true that people are wired differently.

2) Understand yourself. Before being able to understand your social environment, it is most important to understand oneself first.

3) Improve your communication skills.

4) Learn how to resolve conflicts.

5) Be empathetic.

6) Invest in your relationships.

Your Social Quotient determines how far one can go in life.

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Wow I haven't know much about the social quotient now I know more.

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Am so busy my article helped you dear friend.. thanks

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