Competitive Life Is A Waste(Possible Solutions)

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3 years ago

Yes... God is God of time and season.. everybody's season differs so some comparison isn't healthy.

Look at your mates.....they are this and that, they have reached there goals, they have achieved this and that......inshort, I hate this kind of conversation because it has destroy many dreams, many homes, many businesses even relationships.

Look at your mate shows comparison that if not properly checked could lead to jealousy or lead the person to do something that might have negative repercussion on you.

You might be comparing yourself with others and you might not know, but once you are aware of it, what was your response???? I am the owner of my life 😲

Yes, you own yourself but you are not counting on yourself. You have listened to a loy of advises from different people, from your friends, your mother, from people who loves you, but what was your response??? I don't care. Have you ever for once sit yourself down and reason about those you are comparing yourself with. Many people has turned themselves to a partnership business where they compete to get a business proposals. Comparison is not healthy. You have to challenge yourself with something? Okay good but this is not done by comparing yourself with others.

Comparison can makes the person to have inferiority complex, the thoughts that will be such person's priority will be my mate are making it and I haven't make it yet, will I still make it? They limit their own dreams. Immediately, they start thinking like this, depression will set in and finally it makes them do dangerous things..

Wait, do you think you can run faster than your shadow?πŸ€”... YOU CAN'T AND YOU WILL NEVER. Alot of people have stepped on a tracks that is not meant for them.See, it will only make you see life as competition and at the end of the journey you will feel like committing suicide πŸ€” (have dealt with this in my previous article).

There's really a tiny lines between jealousy, envy while looking at other people achievement to run one's race and could be crossed easily without noticing. Shine your eyes and wake from your slumber dear friend.

Imagine, even eggs aren't thesame. Nothing is thesame in this life .. You can't be the other person.

There are some things one can't get with hard job but grace e.g Husband.. children..good job etc... So why comparing one achievement with others when grace varies.

  • The first solution is challenges yourself. Challenging oneself can come from other Healthier angle and not that toxic one and everyone time is different. Yes, our time zone is different.Do things that will make your own dreams comes to reality.

There's this adage in my country that says; "don't look at other horse while running with yours" and also "anyone who knows the source of others wealth will soon die".... funny right? But it is the true fact. If you are not focused with your own dream, you will soon regret and you won't have time for your own life.

  • The second solution is just be yourself and do what's right. Oh Yes, we should not look at our mate and just face our own race. Be real with yourself, know your own dreams, know your limitations, know how to overcome. Always be yourself no one can be like you and even if you try to be someone else you can only be like them.. but you can never be them..

    Being yourself doesn't mean should now be a lazy food for a lazy manπŸ™„

  • This statement alone is a big depression, a lot battle with in life let me say for some people takes a resilient spirit, determination to overcome I will say. Be determined.

  • When you are trying all means to make it like others and it seems not working out then just pray. There's nothing Prayers cannot do. The bible says, the righteous Prayers avails much more. By putting your faith in God will make things also work for you. The best thing for a person is to sit his/her goals and run it looking only on God.

  • Work hard and be always positive. *Nobody likes poverty*... Like that say .. "who doesn't like better things?🀣.. we don't need *mate* to kw what we want for ourselves. You need YOU. Yes yourself. Work hard in the part of your dreams and say positive. Nothing good in life comes easily. We all fail at a point to rise at many points.

Contributions are welcome😁😁😘...Let's rub minds together in the comments section.

Thanks for reading.

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3 years ago


Competitive lifestyle is very bad and not advisable to do. God is even not pleased with it. Do not compete with anyone because destiny are different and there's time for everything. Always be patient and wait for God's time.

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3 years ago

Exactly dear.... God's time is the best time. Patience in the period of waiting can't be left on touched. For someone to be patient is a great virtue... thanks for your contribution

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3 years ago