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Before talking about the Balanced Financial Life its important to talk about the wealth system which comprises of the following.

Financial wealth

Social wealth

Time wealth

Physical wealth

Relationship & Marital Wealth

Majority of the population have sink into their mentality the term wealthy simply means money which is affiliated to the Financial branch of the wealth system. Wealth in the real sense comprises of every area of one’s life.

Quickly let’s have a short over view of the definitions

1) Time Wealth :

This is explained as the freedom we possess in the affairs of our choice, having your own God given time spend how you want to, where you want, with whom you want. Its most desire in this modern day as the majority of people end up dedicating their time and resources to attain other forms of wealth.

Some fundamental ideas that should be understood includes;

Earning money outside of a traditional job structure, An understanding that time is finite, An understanding of how the majority of people trade time for money. Rather than been victim of Staying in a “secure” and conventional job structure, Acting like time is an infinite resource, Spending time on partying, drugs.

2) Physical wealth the Health:

Irrespective of how important other wealth system may be, without there health freedom then there is no freedom this shows how important the health is to us. As the physical connect every other wealth system together. Without the health and physical vitality of our bodies, we can achieve none of the other types of wealth or at least not in a wise and long term way.

Some fundamental ideas that should be understood includes;

Proper Nutrition, Proper Sleep, Proper Training & Movement, Health Literacy, Healthy Environment (People & Place) An Understanding Of Energy Systems (Break Down & Repair)

Rather than been victim of Low Quality Nutrition, Low Quality Sleep, Lack Of Training & Movement, Lack Of Health Literacy, Unhealthy Environment (People & Places), Bad Habits

3) Social wealth:

These include the the Art of Persuasion, Reputation, A High Quality Character, Body Language, An Understanding Of Human Nature, An Understanding Of Psychology.

4) Marital wealth:

These include the good relationship and marriage journey and a better family life.

Financial wealth, in other words, money is what we naturally think about when we hear the term ‘wealth.’ What does financial wealth really mean though? In my opinion, financial wealth is financial freedom which is the ability to enjoy what you like, when you like, with whom you like in terms of spending money. This is complete freedom from financial turmoil and worries which is one of the chief causes of suffering within the majority of people’s lives.

Some fundamental ideas that should be understood includes;

Investing (Assets vs Liabilities), Spending (Necessities vs Luxuries), Budgeting (Consciously Allocating Money), Financial Literacy (Reading, podcasts, events, etc.) Surrounding Yourself With Financial Masters, Long Term > Short Term, Successful Behavior Change

Rather than been victim of

Lacking financial literacy, spending more than one earns, Not investing (Includes investing in oneself), Bad Habits, Surrounding yourself with broke people, Short term > Long term thinking

Financial Stability Comes with a great responsibility of an intentional doing. To be intentional means to do something deliberately with full consciousness. Becoming a financially stable is not a big deal; it is easy!

Be Intentional !

Work your way to success, and don’t expect it to come by accident.

Prov 10:4

Lazy hands make a man poor,but diligent hands bring wealth. NIV

The truth remains you have to work, diligently, like I said WORK!. A diligent hand consistently put his hand into work, working effectively, persistently and consistently. The Original design of man is never to go into the work to preach the gospel but to work, to keep the vineyard, Consume it and take possession. Even while the original purpose was lost, it was restored with bountiful of grace, power, access and key.

God makes people rich because of diligence and hard work, not because they are followers of one or the other prosperity teacher.

You cannot mark out success without your intention. Setting out a journey in a short term or long term comes with major things which we always have in mind regardless the circumstances. The present state must be considered as well the destination are very much in the known.

How many of us realize how the school system is so weaken? (I had love to use the word useless but let's just be lite with words)

It’s very important to understand that when people are empowered financially, they can easily pursue their divine ambitions goals and purposes. The horses can be taken to the river but cannot be forced to drink, the intention of the horses cannot take out of its action. Having the millions of dollars right before you require an action that comes with a decision that are intentional.

True winners know that they must develop skills and acquire knowledge before becoming truly successful.In as much we want to win, we must be ready to follow suit the steps require to attain the goal. Successful people know that true success in life does not come by luck. A lucky man is not a successful man.

Thanks for reading.

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