Anyone Can Be Foolish (Things You Should Look Into Before Getting Married)

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3 years ago

For me I will say Love isn't blind. It just we that allow our emotion be cloud our sense of reasoning and common sense. Its always ladies thing when she's in Love to see only what she wants to see

But you can choose to be different. Getting to know a purpose is not a day, weeks or year job oooooooo Why would you even think of going into a relationship when you are yet to know your purpose?

Are there no foolish believers? You know many tongue talking, prophesying and gim gim brothers can be termed foolish when they talk more than they listen. if you talk too much, you may end up saying thing God did not send you, He spoke to you YES but did he(GOD) send you to speak. Even believers miss it. Scriptures even says. A fool if he is silent can be termed as wise (paraphrasing)

2 Peter 1:5|KJV : And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge;

Virtue Is why many miss it.



When Peter was speaking he was speaking to believers o!!! 1Corinthians 13 and 14 teaching were for believers, guys that handled stuffs but lacked KNOWLEDGE. IS it possible to be a believer and misbehave?

Virtue, knowledge, Wisdom are available in Christ in the holy spirit but has ever believer accessed it?

There's difference between believers and Sons. A believer is one that believes in the death and resurrection of Christ. A son is one that recognizes God as a father, access him. And has inheritance.

That's why there are gifts of the spirit,a true believer has the access to these gifts,even Jesus promised us these gifts.. But we saw believers misbehave

*I am for Paul*

*I am for Appollos*

They was fight among them.

What will you call Annias and Sapphira. They were believers who Lied and received instant judgement. Though as long as we're humans, no matter how spiritual we are, we still misbehave. That's why John says "if we say we have no sin. We make God a liar". Believers believe they grow into sonship.

The following are the things you must look into before you say I do to any man.

1) One thing I look out for in the opposite sex is financial intelligence; come if you spend anyhow, ( even if its on me) its a red flag. Bros you are foolish, one day you will suffer for it, I just won't be there.

2) Another thing is the way he talks, see if he is a talkative; like doesn't know how and when not to speak, he is a fool. One day he will discuss bedroom matters in public and embarrass his entire lineage.Talking too much, a talkative with no restraint can spill even the most sacred secrets. He is a big fool.

3) The way he eats, funny but for me if all your life, all you talk about and think of is food, then guy sorry to say you are a FOOL. If his weakness is food then the lady is in trouble...

Love is not Blind! But we can take some things for love. They say love is Tolerating, caring, accepting and other characteristics of love. But nevertheless,I won't settle for the less. If I can't successfully build a man to my standard then marriage is not in our dictionary. What about you fellas?

4) Lack of respect for authority or if he doesn't have any leadership over him, like he lacks Mentorship and Fathering, he is a fool and much more, because such person that is not regulated by a leader God has placed him under will misbehave.

5) Immaturity in handling even minor matters such as calling my friends at every point we have disagreements.

6) The way he handle the issues of life, when he can't take decisions on his own. When he is not well disciplined: on how to talk publicly, some you will even give them face outside in order to caution him, but my dear you will go unnoticed because he can't understand what you are saying , or on food matter. Love is not blind but love requires many decisions.

7) When a guy is hurting or punishing a lady, refusing to listen to a lady, keeping the lady at a distance, surviving under the lady.

8) Some ladies may be blind at times self, you've known he's lazy, he's not ready to pursue his goals all he knows is to sleep, watch football and be asking you for money. Love is not blind o

9) Some guys don't even know how to hold their temper or or don't have good policy. It's the guy that is blind because he's not planning a better future ahead of him.

10) An unbeliever is a foolish person even the Bible says in the book of psalm 53:1 that the fool has saith in his heart that there is no God. A man that has no direction, that doesn't know where God is taking him to, his vision,his purpose on Earth,a man that doesn't know all these is a foolish man. To know if the guy that ask you out is foolish, you must have a discernment spirit, God won't direct you to a foolish person...

Everybody that accepts and confesses Christ is a believer but not all are sons. You are saying a believer "true believer"( another level) Anybody can be foolish. Believer or unbeliever. Until the Lord personally walks on you you can say not by your strength but his grace ya not foolish. Believers or no believers. I personally call character the extra oil, the foolish virgins missed. They were all virgins but some were termed foolish.

Wake up today and shine your eyes, love isn't blind if your eyes are well opened.

Thanks for reading.

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