A Worthwhile Relationship

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You can't offer what you don't have so this popular saying. This same goes with this that You can't offer a good worthwhile relationship for others if you are poor in relating with yourself.

You must come to the place of embracing, appreciating and celebrating the kind of person you are first. Then you easily get to reap the kind of what you offered yourself.

This popular scripture says love your neighbor as thy self, isn't it? But how can you love others if you don't know how to love thyself.

Self relationship is an act of intimacy with one self where time alone with oneself is not loneliness, it is seen as a time to know who you are. You aren't scared of being with yourself neither are you craving for what you can give yourself from others.

You put too much pressure on others to get much attention, love, care and you felt so much disappointed after you couldn't get least percent of your expectations from others. You could possibly give yourself attention, love and time then you know how to well receive it as such from people without carving another pain in your heart while relating with others.

You must come to the place of contentment with yourself. If a woman feels like a lady and is able to celebrate herself, she will attract into her life people who reflect her own opinion of herself.

The woman who does not love herself becomes so thirsty for love that she rushes into love half dressed and ill prepared. She will always love too quickly, hold too tightly, and more often than not, lose too quickly the one that she has aspired to grasp.

If she relates well with herself and has a strong sense of self-worth, she can easily share her life with another person. She will not be prone to be bitter, defensive, or frantic, for she has a calm rhythm that keeps her in sync with her goals and in tune with those around her.

She has made good use of her time alone and has spent much time researching herself to better know what type of man will harmonize with her style of love and life.this is called Self Relationship.

You see you don't have to do right things for wrong reasons and grapple with the disappointment that comes from expecting someone to give you what you must give yourself.

Such a lady or persons will not be able to have healthy relationships with others because the weight of drawing from them things that she should get from within soon becomes too much for anyone to bear.

No one will embrace you if you don't embrace yourself. You can't lie about it, you naturally attract those who won't embrace you if you don't embrace yourself. You must heal from inside to have a worthy relationship with others.

You see many lost the relationship or the guy because of the weight of drawing from them things that she could get from within. Then the man becomes guilty over his inability to satisfy what is an insatiable need.

Don't allow yourself to be pitied. Embrace yourself, love yourself, enjoy your own company, celebrate who you are truly. Don't have any regrets! It's not good for your heart.

Please enjoy who you are. See don't be seeking to enter one relationship with someone because you feel lonely or you think the person will make up for you. See people will actually treat you the way you treat yourself.

I saw a quote today that said many people are in a relationship for the fear of being single. They are scared of being alone....they see loneliness instead of seeing enjoyment to know who they are, to relate with themselves. This which will help them know the best person to be with.

They are yet to know what they really want, their true self, most times they are carried away with the idea of being in love rather than being in love itself.

It is virtually impossible to find someone to appreciate you as a person. If you do not allow them to see you as a settled, stabilized force in the earth.

They need to hear you sing your own song. They need to listen to your solo. Sing the melody of success and everybody will want to hum that tune with you. But make sure that you allow to join in only those who harmonize with your own self-image.

You actually train others how to treat you by how you treat yourself. Do not think for one moment that others do not observe your level of style, class, and preferences.

I hope we learnt something? Self Relationship is very important. Please heal up....and get up! Many generations are waiting for you.

Thanks for reading..

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