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You and your Critic

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1 year ago

Humans are animals of a very strange nature.  There may be similarities in the appearance of one with the other, but there is never a similarity in nature.  The nature of one is different from the other.  This is the specialty of man.  In the case of other animals, we see that most of them have similar characteristics.  But in the case of human beings it is different.

I talked about people for so long. Maybe you understand that I will talk about people today.  First of all, I am not a human expert.  I will share my own experience . My experience may not match anyone.  Because  what I think you may not think. So the thoughts may not match.
There is a big reason behind talking about my people.  It was a very bitter experience.  I do not like to write about this. Because this experience was very annoying to me.  However, I am writing so that you can know about this and you can be safe from this.

There is a special kind of people in our society who say one thing in front and one thing in the back . They are the enemies of society. Their main job is to find people's mistakes.  Then tell people all about those mistakes.  I don't know how they enjoy it but it's a very bad thing.
If you have to tell someone wrong, go in front of him and tell him. It is the work of a kind of coward to criticize behind the scenes.  Only those who can't say anything in front, criticize the people behind. When people come to you looking for your faults in the front , they praise you so that they have a good relationship with you and you don't suspect them. This is how a group of people are constantly cheating us.  We do not understand this. So sad. 

They only create strife in the society. One goes and tells the other.  This creates unrest in the society and at one stage it causes big problems . All of this is slowly becoming a long-term problem.

Some ways to get rid of these people..

You will never get rid of these people in the society. However, you can use them. Haha. Remember that, these people only see your faults. So you can correct your mistakes by listening to their criticism.  Remember that, No one is not 100% correct.  Everyone has some wrong.  So once you learn from mistakes, you can reduce the rate of your mistakes. It will help you to become a better person in the future. You can punish those who condemn more. The process of punishment is very straightforward.  First we have to understand why they criticize.  Criticism is done by those who cannot be on par with you . Those who are equal to you will understand your position.  People of your peers know very well how hard you have come to a good position.  Those who do not know, they criticize.  Remember, copper is not bought by people verified but gold is bought by people verified.  So never be upset with criticism. Because you are not copper.  You are gold.  If you focus on criticism, you will never be able to move forward.  So never pay attention to criticism. This will slow down your work.  So you stay the way you are, and let the critics keep criticizing.

You can also write about the inconsistency of society. We can all be aware of this.  Everyone's social system is not the same . So if you write about everyone's social system, we will also be able to know about all social systems.

Thanks for reading.

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Written by   9
1 year ago
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