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Mymensingh tour. Part 1

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10 months ago

I have been staying at home for about 2 years due to Corona epidemic. Now the Corona epidemic is taking a serious turn again. But I had to go back to my college to pay for our examination routine. My exams are ahead but I haven't read anything in the last two years. I haven't read a single page of any book . At that time my examination routine was published. I could see everything was blurred. Anyway, at least I wanted to come Mymensingh . But my mentality did not allow it at all. Because I stayed at home for a long time. I fixed a date for coming . But for some reason I did not come to Mymensingh on the appointed day. Because another friend of mine was wanted to go with me that day. He could not come that day. Because he lives in the mountains. Winter days are much colder in the mountains. Besides, he did not come that day for the cold winter wind. So, he could not go. On January 1, I came to Mymensingh. We rented a 4 seater room . We rented a room for 4 people with 3 friends. But we have to pay the rent of 4 people . Although it becomes a little more for us. But we have taken this measure for our own comfort . The two people with me are in my department. I mean, we're all classmates. My house is in Sherpur district and their house is in Tangail district.

Putting an end to everything, we set a new date again . We all decide to come to Mymensingh on January 1. Here again there are obstacles . One of my one friends said that he would not be able to come on January 1. Because her elder sister was ill. So she took him to the hospital.

Then I came to Mymensingh on the 1st. I moved to my place of residence before my friend. There was already a boy in the room. we were supposed to be in . He locked the room and went to his village house. Let the homeowner know about it. He says to wait for a while. I keep waiting. I've been here a long time. So I put my belongings in the room of a friend I know. In the meantime, my friend left. Leaving his belongings in the room, we went out to tour the city. Because I have not been in this city for a long time. So first we go to the park.


A lot of things that I saw while going have changed over time . We spend some time in the park . The environment looked very beautiful. Because there are very few people in the park around noon . There is light air. The park is located on the river bank . There is a little wind on the river bank. The beauty of the river bank and the park create a wonderful environment. If you do not see with your own eyes, you will not believe. So those of you who want to spend time in a beautiful and secluded environment will try to go to crowded places around noon.

noon weather

And those who want to enjoy the natural beauty will try to go around noon . Because at this time there is a very good environment . After leaving the park we moved to our room. Because the owner told us to leave by phone . Because then the boy in our room came . So we also left. Then we enter the room with the key to the boy. Upon entering, I saw that the room was very messy. So we bought a broom from the market and brought it. I clean the room with a broom . But the floor of the room was very dirty. So I clean the floor with a rag.

To be continue.......

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Written by   9
10 months ago
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