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My multiple dreams part 2

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10 months ago
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After 1st part....

Anyway, at that time I was only 6 years old. I didn't understand much about it However, as much as I understood, I wanted to implement it . We have a little pond behind our house. Every day I used to go and stand on the bank of that pond. I used to measure the land of the pond by myself . I thought to myself I have to fill the pond. Our pond was very deep. So filling this pond was not an easy task . The biggest obstacle was to collect huge amount of soil . Because this pond is very deep, it needs a lot of soil. So I kept looking for the soil in my mind . Once I get the soil. Our area is located beside the hilly area. Due to that, in some places in our area, there are some very high hills. I decided to fill our pond with soil from one of the hills.

After filling our pond, I think four rows of cows can be kept there. About 100 cows can be reared in four rows of cows.

Another reason for giving dairy farms was our agricultural education textbook. I used to read agricultural education books with great interest because I liked agriculture. There was a chapter whose name I do not remember at the moment There were discussions about different famous breeds of cattle from different countries. I still remember the names of those cows . Holstein Friesian cows give the most milk among them It is made of a combination of black and white. Its milking capacity is about 40 liters. That's why I wanted to raise cows. In other words, it is the means to become rich in a very short time . Haha.

u have to think and decide Considering these adversities, I decided not to keep Friesian cows. Because I had a better opportunity than that . That good opportunity is to keep crossbred cows.

e milk equivalent, it produces much more milk.

Besides, I had another small plan . That is, I will first buy a cow of a native breed. Then I will develop the breed of that cow Let me explain the concept of caste development a little. I don't understand caste development very much. However, as far as I understand, the semen of any other improved breed of cow is inserted into the uterus of the native breed of cow. So much so that we get another improved cow of hybrid breed from the native cow. We do not need to buy improved breeds of cows from outside.

In fact, I was very young then . So my own thinking was not mature. It was as if there was a hint of immaturity in my mind. Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first.

In addition to the dairy farm, I had another plan. That is the farm of Duck. The plan to give a smile farm also comes after reading agricultural education books. There was a chapter in the book of agricultural education called keeping domesticated animals and birds. There was a lot of discussion about animals. The first discussion was about cow. I have discussed about cows above . Then there was discussion about goats. I will not discuss goats here. Because that article will be big. That is why I will write a separate article about goats.

After the goat, there was a discussion about Duck. Basically, seeing that discussion awakens my desire to farm Duck. We have a chicken coop. There is a pond next to it . I decided to keep the Duck in the hen house at night and leave it in the pond during the day. Since there will be a lot of Duck, there is a possibility that the Duck will be lost. So in order not to lose the Duck, the pond should be surrounded with a net so that the Duck cannot go out.

Our native species of Ducks are basically a little smaller in size and have less ability to lay eggs. Each time our local species lays 20-25 eggs. It is very low . You can't make a profit by farming with this Ducks. So if I want to make a profit on the farm, I must have a good breed of Duck that has more egg and meat production capacity. In the book of agricultural education I saw a Duck called "Khaki Campbell" The neck of this Duck is a little long. The most amazing thing is that this laughter can lay up to 250-300 eggs in 365 days in a year. Surely you are surprised to hear that. I was also surprised to hear it at first. But that is the truth. So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it. right?. So I continue to collect various information about the khaki Campbell variety of Duck. The more information I collected, the more I was attracted to this variety. Because the Duck of this variety is actually a very advanced variety However, there is a major problem. The problem is, Duck can't adapt to our environment. That is why different diseases attack easily. And what happens in the case of Duck is that, if a Duck is affected by the disease, then the Duck that are with it are also affected. Because the diseases of Duck are contagious diseases. For those who do not know about infectious diseases, I would say that infectious diseases are diseases that spread to other animals through contact with the animals . So once such a contagious disease spreads on my farm, my whole farm will be destroyed. It will not be profitable for me at all. So I have to be very careful to Duck. That's why I have to manage the environment. properly Care should be taken at all times so that no external disease germs enter inside. This means that there will be no contact with any external environment where the Duck will be. Then no germs from outside can enter inside. As a result, no Duck will be affected by the disease.

I have many more dreams . I will share them with you in stages.

To be continue....

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Written by   9
10 months ago
Topics: Dream, Stories, Thoughts
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