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My multiple dreams... Part 1

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1 year ago

Dreams are a very strange thing.  It provides temporary pleasure.  But this is not a dream. I read a book by Abul Kalam Azad, a renowned nuclear scientist from India. The name of the book was Wings of Fire.  I didn't want to read the book at first.  Because the book was Abul Kalam Azad's autobiography.  I don't usually like to read autobiographies.  What can I do after reading other people's biographies?  All this will not be of any use to me. So I am not interested in reading autobiographical books.  However, a friend of mine forced me to read the book.  I agreed to read the book because he insisted . it is  simple book  Translated from Hindi to Bengali.  The one who translated it translated it very carefully.  Usually we see how the languages ​​seem to be random when translating a book by a foreign author.  It takes inertia to read.  But there is no such problem in this book.  It will feel like you are reading a newspaper in your mother tongue.

Now come to the main topic.  APJ Abul Kalam says in his book, "What people see when they sleep is not a dream.  dream is Which does not allow people to sleep".   I didn't understand the meaning of the word when I was reading the book.  I was a little younger then.  I am slowly growing up and I understand the meaning.  He's a really great guy.   A person close to me also said, "Respect the man  who was born 1 minute before you.He's been on Earth 1 minute longer than you.  So he has received more light, air, and oxygen from the earth than you have  His experience is more than yours".  That's really it. Those who are older than us should be respected.  I did not take Abul Kalam's statement  that day.  Because at that time I was not old enough to understand.  Now I understand . He was a very wise man.  You also can understand it by reading his book.

Now I can't sleep for my dreams. Today I will share with you some dreams or goals . The writing will become much bigger.  So I'll try to do some episode of the series. I will share my dreams in a few episodes of the series

  My first dream was to start a dairy farm.  At first this dream sat on me when i saw the report of Sheikh Siraj on a local TV channel.  Sheikh Siraj is a renowned agriculturist of Bangladesh.  I have been watching his report since I watched TV.  I don't know when he will start working on these.  However, I have heard from the people that he has been involved in agriculture since independent Bangladesh . Since then he has been working for agricultural expansion. I have to write another separate article about him.

However, when I saw the report of the dairy farm, I was about 15 years old.   then i  read in class 7.  We have  fish business.  After looking at the report, it seems that the dairy sector is much more profitable than the fish business.  So I watch a lot more videos on YouTube and keep getting more detailed ideas about dairy farms.  I was young then.  So I didn't understand much.  I used to stand on our pond every day and plan how many cows I could keep if I filled the pond and started a dairy farm.  It took me a long time to make these plans.  I continue to gain more experience day by day.  Because I was very determined in my mind that I would give up the dairy farm when I grow up.  Because it seemed very profitable to me.

To be continue.....

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Written by   9
1 year ago
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