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Features of camera app.

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1 year ago

I opened this read cash account about a month ago. But due to lack of time I can't post regularly. I have been thinking of writing an article for a long time. But it is not happening due to lack of time. Today I have time. So today I will write a useful article.

Today I will write about the camera app. We all use smartphones. But we are not aware of our phone's camera app and its features. So today i will discuss this in detail. In this case, I will choose the camera features of my phone.

Let's start from the beginning Time-lapses. Time lapse is a feature that allows you to shorten a long video in seconds or minutes. It is widely used in pictures of sunrise, blooming of flowers, videos of climate change, etc.

Now you can see three lines in the picture.

the first is normal mode. then it is touch mode. If you turn it on, the picture will appear as soon as you touch it on your screen. Then voice mode. Here you can take pictures from a distance by saying a certain thing. Then there is Palm Mode. This allows you to place the phone anywhere and take pictures from a distance with showing only five fingers of your hand. Then there is the timer. Here you can set the time you want to take pictures after a certain time. With the next option you can change the size of your screen.


Hdr is a amazing thing. It can provide better dynamic range in your image. By using HDR you can take pictures of the sky very well. Moreover, HDR provides good lighting in the shadow area.

Beauty mode.

Hearing the name Beauty Mode, you understand that it makes your picture beautiful. Different types of spot on the face disappear in a moment. However, never take pictures of nature with beauty mode. Beauty mode makes the image smooth. Good details are not available for that. The more numbers you use in beauty mode, the smoother the image will be.


Panorama is an important feature. This allows you to capture 360 ​​views. Especially used to take pictures of the whole room or to capture more field of view in the picture.

Ultra HD.

My phone's primary camera is 8-megapixel. but I can take pictures up to 24 megapixels using ultra hd. Photo details are much better when taking pictures with Ultra HD. If you zoom the picture, it will not crack.

Then you will get another option. That is the various filter. This allows you to apply a variety of effects to your image. Cloud effect for rainy days. Sunny effect for the sun. That means you can get beautiful pictures by applying effects to your picture according to the weather . After going to the effects option, you will get another feature. That is the pattern.

From Patterns you can add different types of patterns to your image to show time, location etc. in the image.


GIF is a video of approximately one to two seconds. After going to the GIF option, holding down the camera shutter button for a while will result in a 2 second video. You can use this video as a picture. There are two types of GIFs. One is positive GIF, another is reverse GIF. In reverse, your captured video is shown upside down.

Then double exposure. You can use it to take two pictures at once. And you can bring those two pictures into one frame. This will make you think you have cloned someone's photo.

After that the most interesting feature in the world of camera is Expert mode.

This is for professionals. Here you can control exposure, shutter speed, iso, etc at your convenience. I personally took lots of pictures using this Expert Mood feature. Because I don't like the automatic mode of the phone. So I set all my settings on my own and then took pictures . This allows me to control the image-focus. Moreover, if you increase the shutter speed a little by increasing the iso, then it is possible to get bright pictures at night as well as during the day. It may not work on all phones but you will get a little expensive phone.

Apart from this, different phones may have different types of features. I have discussed all the features that were on my phone. For your convenience, I bought my phone four years ago today. So there are new features in all the markets now. But the basic features are the same as before. I just discussed the basic features. Now night mode has been added to the phone. Through which it is possible to get pictures of night like during the day without going into expert mode.

If you find my article useful, you can upvote for it. Besides, I am a new writer. So mistakes can be made. Forgive me if there are any mistakes and let me know my mistakes in the comments. So that I can correct my mistakes later. All will be well

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1 year ago
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I think this is a little helpful to me because i love to take a picture of beautiful plants hehe

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1 year ago

Every tricks are helpful any kind of photography. Haha

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1 year ago