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A enjoyable day update

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1 year ago

Today it is cold weather. There is not much sun like other days.  Light wind is blowing. The sun was very hot for several days.  It felt very unbearable in the heat.

 I used to take bath twice a day.  If you ever feel very hot, you can take a bath twice.  It will  reduce your heat.  Take a bath once in the afternoon and take a bath in the evening . There are some  reasons behind this.  When you sweat, the pores are covered.  That is why we feel hotter.  When bathing, the hair follicles become clean.  So it doesn't feel too hot.  If you take a bath in the evening, you will have a good night's sleep.  For those who can't sleep at night due to heat, they can try this technique.  I hope you will get good results.

Come to the main event.  I have a 90-years old grandmother.  People who follow me on NoiseCash are probably aware of this. Because I posted about them a few days ago.  My grandmother is very fond of visiting around.  Although the age is much higher now.  Overcoming the weight of body age, the mind mentality is still like a young age.  So the hobby of wandering is here . Thinking about where to go, she decided to go to my uncle's  house.  My uncle's house is about 25 km away from our house . They live in the city . We live in a village.  They left the village about 20 years ago and moved to the city  When they left, they sold all their property to us.

Grandmother is an old man . So one should  to go with him. Eventually I had to go with him.  Grandmother told me to go to my uncle's  house and eat breakfast there   For this we have to leave at 7.30 in the morning . It is not possible for me.  Because I am naturally lazy in nature.  I sleep late at night.  So I got up a little late in the morning.  I said, I can't go very early in the morning.  So Grandmother  changed the departure time to 10 AM in the morning.  Finally we left at 10 am the next day.  First I called a rickshaw . Because grandmother can't walk long distances.  Moreover, our village area.  That is why no heavy vehicle runs. We first came to the highway by rickshaw . Then I changed the vehicle and got into another vehicle and reached my uncle's  house. It was 2nd floor.   Grandmother's body is weak.  So we reached uncle's  apartment on the second floor using the elevator. Grandmother saw my uncle after a long time.  So they was both very happy.  After reaching they gave us a warm welcome.  It was very good.  My uncle has a hobby.  He always have a collection of uncommon things. They let us eat a different kind of sweet.  At first I thought it might be a simple sweet . But after putting it in my mouth, I realized that it is different and expensive.  Uncle brought it from a distance of about 400 km. It is found only in Kushtia district.  It is make by Sweet date juice.

Grandmother will be there for a while. she told me many times to stay with them. But I did not agree.  Because I don't like being in someone else's house.  I feel annoyed with myself.  So I came home.
I was on my way home when I met my uncle on the street.  Uncle  took me to their house.  Then eat some light food.  After the meal I went home.  This was my activity all day yesterday.

Thanks for reading. 

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Written by   9
1 year ago
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