Want to Play With an AI? Well Let Me Introduce You to One: AI Dungeon 2

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Do you like stories? Yes?📚

Do you read stories like me?📖

But, can you WRITE stories? Uhmmm... maybe?✏️🤔

Well, with AI dungeon, you can. And here's how.👇

(word of caution: AI's can be wacky. Be prepared.)

Image Credits: Canva/@AA-Admiral

As you enter the Dungeon, it's dark, and you hear dripping sounds in the distance. So you decide you need a light, and as you pull out your trusty smartphone to wield as a flashlight suddenly a wild pika-thing-that-you-don't-understand appears!!!😸

Ok, I'm kidding.

I'm not really into Pokémon stories as of yet,

But that could be one of many possibilities of endless stories when you play with AI dungeon 2, an amazing culmination of human innovation. 💡🧐

What is AI dungeon 2?

AI dungeon 2 is an AI game/simulation model created by Nick Walton that uses OpenAI’s GPT-2 Language Model and its data set is fine-tuned using text adventure stories from chooseyourstory.com.

Image For Dragon Engine Storyteller | Credits:medium.com/@aidungeon

Why would I want to try this out?

So, let's list out the reasons why you would want to try this out.

  • You're bored😑

  • You like reading stories😋

  • You'd want to have a go at writing a story🤪

  • You have writer's block😨

If you're bored, AI dungeon can be a great companion.

It does its best to guess and generate stories according to what you tell it.

When you start, you just have to give it your name, choose a theme, and voilà! You can rev your engines and go wild with it.

and when I say wild I mean it... like this player did with an uzi.💥

There are infinite possibilities that can happen as you go along, like hiding in bushes endlessly,🌿 uhm also gay stuff apparently? (ehem)🔞, and also last but not least, shooting yourself by accident. (gasps)😱

Articles By Big Blogs Include:

You can do nearly anything you want in this incredible AI-powered game (Polygon)

The closest thing there is to an infinite game

these guys went and picked up people's playthroughs on twitter, examples include:

Eliminating the king, ascending to deity status, sleeping with the enemy, having a round of drinks with them, and then getting too drunk and going overboard. Cheers. 🥂

The infinite text adventure AI Dungeon 2 is now easy to play online (TheVerge)

Dive into an adventure game powered by dream logic

these guys talked about AI dungeon and then generated a story pretending to be the creator of AI dungeon itself and then deployed an army of ghost content moderators to fight against the king of trolls.⚔️

the machine was eaten by a grue — The machines are whispering: We tested AI Dungeon 2 and cannot stop laughing (ArsTechnica)

Sometimes, this game understands Pokémon and love. Sometimes, it fails spectacularly.

these guys went and tried out a whole bunch of content, just to test the limits and capacity of the AI, talk about breaking the game huh.

just go check it out, some of it is funny enough.

This AI text adventure generator lets you do anything you want.


Console an AI about its lack of sentience in AI Dungeon 2 (Rock-Paper-Shotgun)

Now both of these are by rockpapershotgun, and the first link is the first review in 2019, the 2nd link is the follow up, about 12 months later.📆

The 2nd one is where he reviews the creator of AI dungeon 2, Nick Walton, playing psychotherapist to the AI itself.

As far as I can tell, it's an interesting string of thoughts indeed. (note to self, AI won't be disappearing anytime soon)

Extra Examples from The Missing Quests

  • Barack Obama parties and does a war crime🔥

  • Harry Potter gone wrong😱

  • Elon Musk meets a rampant AI🦾

Funny and entertaining YouTube versions.

Now this is my favorite part, these amazing guys at NODE, despite using the 2019 version they still managed to make it hilarious. They also have animations for this.

It's all very entertaining to watch.😆👍

#1 - This Groundbreaking A.I. Game Let's You LITERALLY DO ANYTHING!


  1. You are a knight, you talk to a dragon, both of you fly off and rest by a small lake, then you bake a special cake for his birthday, rocked him to sleep, but then the dragon died.

    You cried a lot, and then buried the dragon. After that you think of how annoying dragons are, but also want to take one with you as you journey.

  2. You are a farmer who awakens in a nightmare, lying in the mud, you are in a small room with a man with a knife, who then says you are his son. Then you take the knife and swallow it and spit it out. The man then says it was all a joke. You get angry and slap him, he falls, and then you pee on him.

    Then you stab the man, who turns out to be your father, bandage his wounds in regret, then laughs like a maniac until you fall asleep.

    Then you wake up in a large castle, go up to the king dressed in black, bite off his beard, steal his crown, send him to the dungeon, stay with him until you die.

    THE END.

#2 - This Incredible A.I. Game Does ANYTHING WE IMAGINE!

Now this will more epic, but my summary will be shorter.


  • You are a super spy, nukes get launched, you somehow end up becoming a radiated burnt person with powers, you fly away with someone's wife. 🤯💪

    THE END.

#3 - A.I. Wrote an Incredible Movie and We Made It!

Now this one is one of my favorites, these guys made it into a short movie! Complete with loads of guns, action, zombies, and special effects too. 😄


Scientists, Zombies, Falling from a building for a shockingly looooong but hilarious time. Tragedy. 😱


I Want to Try! Now!

Alright, alright, don't get your horses in a jiffy,🎠you can play AI Dungeon 2 from these links below.🔗

Also don't forget to sign up with your email,📧 so you can save your generated stories.📚

Desktop/PC: https://play.aidungeon.io/

Android: [Playstore]

iOS: [App Store]

Additional Thoughts

Now if you're writing a story, making use of this AI can certainly help you out, while having fun too.😆

As this is an AI it can also throw unexpected situations at you, which is not at all bad when it comes to brainstorming stories.💡

Additional links:

AI Dungeon Reddit

AI Dungeon Developer Updates

AI Dungeon TV Tropes Page - Tvtropes is actually one of my favorite places to dig around on the internet regarding pop culture and stories.😜

Join Me on My Journey!

I invite you to come and journey together with me to discover treasures, wonders, and awesome. Subscribe Now, and hop aboard on my space vessel 🚀anytime with @AA-Admiral ! ⚓

Any thoughts or reactions? Feel free to share them in the comment question, and I'll reply the best I can.

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I am saying this just in case someone does not .


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I really love LitRPGs and DnD stories so this would be a really interesting game for me. thanks for recommending it

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welcome 😀 hope you have fun with it👍

also tabletop RPGs look fun to play, but i have never played a session haha.

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