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3 Simple Reminders about Working to the UAE for Beginners and Everyone Else

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4 months ago

Sure, you have heard about the mantra of Nomad Capitalist where he said, “Go where you will be treated best.” This hits me big time knowing other countries have a lot to offer when it comes to "FREE HEALTHCARE" for an instance.

Given an opportunity to work in the Middle East as a teacher, my notion of the Arabian Peninsula changed. I had never imagined how the desert brings so much good fortune. Socializing people from all walks of life augmented my horizon. Being able to adapt to the norms and customs of the country made me keener on respecting boundaries. Immersing myself in the life of a mixed culture was a great learning experience so to speak.

Let me share three of my observations or experiences as a working ex-pat in the Middle East. A Simple reminder so to speak!

  • 1. Follow Protocols when it's their Holy Month during Ramadan

I remembered arriving at City Center around 3 pm during Ramadan. Eating from 6 am to 6 pm was not allowed. Regardless of how hungry you were, stuffing oneself in public was strictly forbidden.

I went hiding in a small pizza shop, nibbling that pizza, a guy came up to me and said, "We all wanted that bite of pizza you know! respect the rule of the country!" jeez I felt like being a kindergarten scolded by my teacher.

  • 2. No Public Display of Affection while Walking or Dating

Well, my ex-boyfriend (now my hubby) and I always had our distance whenever we went out on a date when time permits. We do not sit so close to one another while we were chilling at the Cornice Area. There were at least 6 meters to maintain the gap.

We were looking at the lights around 8 pm and it was a bit cold. Winter in the Middle East can be chilly too, so I was waiting for him to hug me. Relieved that we decided to go home instead. How romantic right?

  • 3. Be Discreet with your Religious Affiliation Too!

I am a devout Catholic. My work opportunity in the Middle East has a lot to do with my determination if not of God's Divine Intervention. I believed regardless of how hard you work for your dream goal abroad if it's not your time yet, there would be better chances for a greener pasture.

During our Christmas Celebration, every Sunday Mass presided at a designated area. Qatari Police Officers were checking the place as well to ensure the safety of the people. There were other denominations in the nearby district commemorating their rites too. Christmas decorations and any ornaments were hardly displayed everywhere. There was a huge distinction between being Catholic and its symbolism.


Currently, I am residing on the pristine island of Seychelles.

I am enjoying my time emerging with nature and the solemnity of the mountains and the beaches. I love how I manage to adopt the lifestyle of the Seychelloises on a weekend basis. Partying on the beach is so common here and it's like "malling" in the Philippines or Qatar. We all have different ways of spending our time on a weekend and by far chillin on the beach is more relaxing. Affordable too because there's no temptation of buying items.

The opportunity to learn about different cultures in a more personal manner paved the way with my unorthodox way of thinking. Diversity allowed me to witness how creative an Arab or a Seychellois culture may be.

My travel to the Middle East twice last year during the global crisis gave me a new perspective as well. I am forever grateful to Gateway Visa Solution as my go-to travel company when it comes to my VISA concerns. Had it not been because of their help, I may not be able to enter Abu Dhabi due to its prerequisite upon entry into the country.

Living abroad has its own perks. If you wanted a varied culture-based experience, then it is time to think about migration. Take my friendly advice as well NOT to DO it alone, rather seek help from professionals and by then you will be able to go out of your comfort zone. You will be SECURED with your undertakings overseas.

Our FREE Webinar every Tuesday at 7 pm UAE time can enlighten your queries should you have further clarifications when it comes to your relocation in Canada or even in Malta for an instance. Sign up here for your slot!

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Written by   361
4 months ago
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