After a lockdown at my country which is Malaysia, we are very hard to get to meet each other properly because everyone need to following the rules which is a physical distance at least a metre to prevent the spread of covid 19. I believe this gLobal pandemic still not end yet and we are still fighting it globally, so just stay safe everyone.

For now we are slowly to have social activity which is a good way to slowly recover the economy of the country. Although there is still a lot business that not able to start such as tourism, others a starting to picking up to recover the economy flow. Hopefully this will gone soon and we are back to normal life as usual.

Since last year, our #teammalaysia and #steemxp are starting to fade a bit as some of members are losing the patience to keep writing and engaging on seem or hive as they hardly sees the value. I do not blame them as they are started from zero and maybe they not see the ideal result in short term and starting to fade out. Our community meetup also become a very rare one as some people have their own commitment to do and hardly to join any meetup. So for now we are just continue doing what we can to keep going in hive and steem.

I am also one of the person that fade out a Long time and just let the account run by delegating to earn citation rewards. Other than that I am not posting for over a year. After that I found out a big quake on steem and all move to Hive. At that time is also global pandemic started. Although it is late for me to earn more to recover from pandemic, but at least I started to active again to earn me rewards to cover my financial cost.

Slowly I started to learn trading and also posting on hive and some other websites to earn more rewards. So from April, I slowly to earn and trade to have my extra income running till now.

So last week one friend of mine that also very active way back before which is @nickychu find me to refresh back how to withdraw some steem to use for trade and extra income. He is also realized all the hard work before is paid off with an extra reward to use for future.


So here we are having great moment talk about hive and steem and also updating what new and more convenient to post in hive through community rather than only using tags on steem.

I also share him what I use to trade such as binance, luno and also pionex to get more income before cash out to Fiat to use.

There is always a good catch up to meetup with friends with same mindset. Besides that one friend of mine which is never join hive before started to interested to know what is it and ask me to tell him more.

Time is very short for us to meet but I am happy to give him update what is new and what should to follow such as defi update. Hope he will not same as me that missed out the uni airdrop again.

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Good catch up with like minded person !

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