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Trybal is in the earliest stage of development. To reward early adopters and grow as fast as we can, we are giving away relatively high welcome bonus and referral rewards. As the network grows, these boni will be lowered to limit inflation. In 2009, everyone was able to mine Bitcoin with their personal computer. Those who kept at and held on to it made a fortune. This is your chance to get in on a new token early on without the need to invest a single cent.

There have been several approaches in the past with similar concepts. However, none of them is actually available on a blockchain. None of them really addresses how they want to create value for their future token.

TRY is a token already live on the Stellar Network and members claiming their daily share will see it being transferred to their livenet account. TRY is not just living in a closed/centralized database like in other projects.

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@mhailine16 posted 1 year ago