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A herdsman brought seven hundred buffaloes to graze in the field. When he heard that word, he thought, ‘Defeat. That kite is coming, it will eat my buffalo. What do I do now? '

Thinking this, the herdsman took the seven hundred buffaloes and ran to the house.

The people in the house jiggled, ‘What happened? Did you run away? '

He said, ‘I will not run. The kite is coming to eat my buffalo. '

They said, "But where did you leave the buffalo?"

He said, ‘Why leave? I brought it with me. '

They said, "But where is the buffalo?"

He said, "Don't look at this."

He opened the tank, and seven hundred buffaloes came out of it.

When they saw it, they were very happy and said, "Luckily you brought it in a tank, otherwise you would have eaten all the buffaloes today."

That kite is out looking for food, and two wrestlers are wrestling from inside the fish basket. Mechuni is just thinking about them, she doesn't remember Chile anymore. Just then Chill saw him, grabbed him and ran away with the basket from his head.

The king's daughter was sitting on the roof. The maid was combing her hair.

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