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One leader went to the salon to get his hair cut. The barber runs the scissors and says, ‘Sir, I heard people are very mad at you. Will attack your home any day! Or you have made a mountain of wealth with bribe money. ' The leader said threateningly, "Hey guy, shut up." The next day a government official came to the barber to cut his hair. The barber cut his hair and said, ‘Sir, the ACC is looking for you! I will put Kak Koira Dhaira in jail any day! Are you corrupt? ' Government officials also reprimanded the barber and silenced him. A few days later, the police surrounded the barber shop. He grabbed the barber and said, ‘Hey guy, are you talking nonsense to your customers? What is your purpose? ' The barber mumbled, ‘Sir! When they say these things, their hair stands on end in fear. My haircut is convenient. That's it! '

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@mrasel85 posted 1 year ago