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@realbitcoinclub posted 1 year ago


Sir, no tip has been given on my profile for the last one week. I don't know what rules @TheRandomRewarder follow. I post every day but no post is tipped. Most of the time this is done for about a week or two every week. But I see many people posting one or two all day long and getting very good tips. So we are working on the same platform but why two different perspectives for two people? ,first I write an article then Edit it and add pictures then I post my article. If I don't get any response then how can I be interested in writing.Sir you will take a look at this because there are many people who are constantly suffering from this problem.I have told many people that no one has given any response in this regard. If you want, you can check my profile and see the quality of my writing. Many people are making money by writing like me. It is my humble request that you look into this matter.

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1 year ago

The Random Rewarder is a bot who gives rewards randomly, it doesnt matter what the content of the post is, so all that matters is probably that you make a lot of posts.

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1 year ago

I don't post more than three or four posts a day but yes I used to post four or five but now I don't post more than three posts. Thank you Sir for your response..💐

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1 year ago