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Information Technology in Bangladesh:

Information technology is closely associated with the progress of the arena today. Realizing the importance of the expansion and development of communication and data era, the Government of Bangladesh has taken up "Vision 2021 Digital Bangladesh". Following this, several activities associated with data and conversation generation have been undertaken. Important sports include:

*New Unicode primarily based font:

On 21 February 2013, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the primary font of widespread Bangla font "Amar Bangla" "Shapla".

Innovation Fund: The "Innovation Fund" has been set up to improve the fine of public provider. These provider sports include rural development, environmentally friendly technology, get entry to to statistics, Bangla language aid software, and many others.

*Bengali seek engine "Pipilika":

On the night time of Bengali New Year (1420) 2014, the arena's first and complete Bengali seek engine "Pipilika" become formally launched. This complete search engine will assist extra than two hundred million human beings to look for Bengali statistics.

*Third Generation Network or 3G:

3G is the 0.33 generation. On September 19, 2013, the government issued 3G licenses to four mobile operators inside the u . S . With the purpose of launching the plenty-expected 3G provider.

*Information generation in countrywide lifestyles:

Every united states in the developed global is constantly advancing itself through intensive bridging with statistics communication era. The contact of contemporary civilization has additionally shown the inevitable want for statistics generation in our national life. As a part of our countrywide life, we have continually been worried within the technical components. The use of technology in agriculture, training, economy, society and lifestyle has made our lifestyles easier and smoother. The use of present day era within the clinical area is giving new lifestyles to people each day, shielding them from lethal illnesses. The use of facts generation has opened new horizons with the introduction of innovative adjustments inside the subject of education. All the doorways of schooling are actually open to us due to free use of internet. The unfastened go with the flow of information has united the whole world. The use of information technology in the international arena has created intercontinental members of the family. The use of facts technology in national lifestyles is therefore the call for of the time.

*Bangladesh's possibilities in the data era region:

It was knowledgeable at a press conference prepared by using the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS). In 2012, exports inside the software program and ICT sectors grew through a median of 50 percentage. This increase is one of the pinnacle 10 sectors inside the united states in terms of exports. In the 2012-12 monetary 12 months, exports expanded to US ১০ 101.Eighty three million. This is a landmark achievement in the u . S .'s ICT quarter. If this fashion of boom maintains and greater funding is made on this quarter, the worried humans suppose that an annual profits of one billion greenbacks is feasible through 2021. Which will be a new horizon of possibilities for Bangladesh.

*Information Technology in Poverty Alleviation and New Job Creation:

In the modern-day globalization, the tide of ICT outsourcing is flowing everywhere in the world. To maintain the brand new trend of ICT, a new economy known as "Knowledge Economy" has been created. With the development of this new type of economy, evolved countries want a large amount of information processing work. Developing nations are taking advantage of this opportunity to earn large amounts of foreign exchange. As a result, employment is being created for the terrible and unemployed human beings of the country. Due to geographical motives, Bangladesh is within the contrary time quarter of Europe or America. As a end result, Bangladesh can be a great usa for outsourcing. The Geneva Declaration of the World Summit on Information Society announces the usage of ICT as a device to relieve poverty.

*The professionals and cons of modern-day facts generation:

The triumph of technological know-how has its u.S.And downs. The use of contemporary statistics era has introduced a one of a kind measurement to the journey of human life. Opportunities for overseas change, schooling, medicinal drug, business and livelihood have modified extensively for the benefit of modern records generation. This new trend of technology has made our distance smooth to move. At the moment the facts is moving from one end of the earth to the other. And all that is feasible with the help of modern-day records generation. In addition to all these desirable elements of era, there also are a few bad components. Many critical private information is being stolen because of the possibility of loose change of records. Misinformation can confuse endless human beings in the mean time due to the loose-use of on line. In addition, younger boys and ladies are also victims of online violence because of lack of restrictions. Many human beings are dying due to hacking or on line robbery. Moreover, blackmail and on line threats have additionally created a new sort of terrorism. Despite the many bad aspects, we have to take the coolest ones. And only then will it be possible for us to gain technological excellence.

Bangladesh, our beloved motherland, is a country that stands at the bright door of possibilities. There isn't any alternative to constructing a rustic depending on cutting-edge information technology to accelerate the development of this united states. And so we want to rely greater on facts technology and take the u . S . Ahead by way of enriching this sector.

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