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Hey Guys, A quick update on $AMPL as I have wrote an article back and told why it did fall and Weather to buy or not. I told to invest some amount in it and Today I see its up by 30%. Those who took advice might have enjoyed the returns. It was around $0.80 and now its around 1.03$. I suggest don't invest now cause the chart is zig zag and It might fall in future and if doesn't fall and goes to break that cycle. If above $1.5 then might be we can consider. Again this is only for educational purpose do your own research before investing guys.

Thank You

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@CyberCrypto posted 5 days ago


Thank you for the reminder, i have also read some news that trx will be under bear Something, i forgot how it called . So i also don't suggest to anyone about staking. Crypto's are volatile.

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5 days ago