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Through pionex, the bot will start to make purchase of the token when the price is drop. So although when you see the price earning is red, but it is a normal thing as buy action is happening.


My USDT is started to converted to ETH as the price is dropped since last night. So you are no need to panic to sell off as you are not losing, only bot are helping you buy cheaper ETH time to time. Then you are ready to earn when the coin is pump.


This is all the buy and sell setting in pionex and all this is automatically done so you are no need to worry for all the mess.

For my both photo now, it is consider losing, but after the pump, the earning will back to green and then you can started to relieved the stress.

If you are interested to using this trading bot, can kindly visit pionex

Anyway, still gonna warning, all this is not a financial advise.


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@bboyady posted 7 months ago