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Hi everyone...

Seems it is a very long time I never get into a very long and serious post. One of the reason is on me, I am kinda lazy person and wanna a best results. Lol.. that's why my account still at the same position. So now I gotta kick my ass to do something to grow it more.

Same to everyone, if you are hive users, you also came from steemit, which is the fundamental and I believe one of the successful micro blogging that earns you real crypto. Since then I am also very active as you can earn real money.

So now most of steem users have move to hive and this we gonna thanks to Justin Sun stupid move and now we are having more vibrant community.

Of course there are still active users in steem and the community there still hold on and earn steem or maybe same like me, earn multiple site(well, who does Not wanted more). Also some users are fully focus on hive and just put steem in a place that using delegation or something else to make it grow.

But now I have one method which will needed bot to help.

Yes, if you have a lot of steem and do not know what to do, how about grow it in another place?

Previously I never knew this site and only focus on delegation and it grow way too slow. After that I slowly learn about trading and also know some trading bot in the market. But one of the best bot so far I known is


Today I gonna teach you how to let your steem grow more and let your pocket grow more.

Before that I gonna say

this is not financial advise, it earn or loss is all by your own judgement.

So before that you can download pionex here.

If you do not know how to register and verify and also binding your authentication apps, do comment below and I will teach you how and maybe I will do a full tutorial about registration soon.



Steem/usdt pair is here for your selection. If you are asking me, I will recommend you using steem/usdt for you easy to count the profit and loss. There are numerous coin for you to invest, so you can decide which coin you gonna invest too.

I will use another pair to demonstrate to you how to start invest.

Let's gooooo.


As you see above you can see the button create bot of Dot/Usdt. Click on it and it will bring you to another page.


After that you will see there are numerous method of trading. For first users, do use grid trading bot to get the understanding. Create the bot.


This page bot will suggest this trading method and how much usdt you need. If not enough, no worry, you can set yourself.


When you click set myself, maybe your fund is not enough, so now you gonna change only one things, which is the grid.


As you can see, when I change the grid to 13, now I am good to go..

when to click create the bot?

Yes, this is also one of the major questions. The fundamental of trading is buy low sell high, so one good tips for you all, you can research the lowest point of the coin, then create when it hit lowest point. This is the ideal part. So if you are lucky when you hit the lowest and when the coin pump, kachingggg.. you earn the money..

when to stop bot?

It's all on your decision. My suggestion is don't too greedy, when you found your investment is on the top and you think it's good time to go, go for it stop and sell.

what happened if it becomes reddish?

This is spot trading, so you will not loss anything, you still got coin you invest. Let say you invest in dot/usdt and the curve is down and red and you gonna stop it, I can suggest u this


You can click don't sell and confirm. Then you will got Dot token in your wallet. Yes, you can sell it back when it hit highest price and earn back your usdt.

Hope this blog can help you all to earn more and grow more.

To register, click below


Cheers everyone

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