After saw a post from @bitrocker2020 about some interface that upcoming from Leo finance, it is really exciting as the update really useful.

You can read the post below:

Earn ETH with LEO ??? omg !

20201018_162212.jpg Photo source from @bitrocker2020 post

This is the most exciting things which is you can directly swap your token from Leo to ETH. This is the most exciting things that I love so far. As for now, Leo token is having a great price value and if you are Malaysian same as me and needed money, you now can directly swap to eth and sell to Fiat to get juicy money.

So absolutely this is the most exciting things to have.

Next, metamask connect is feature in Leo finance. This is another breakthrough after the invention of steem engine and transform to hive engine. In just a year or two, Leo finance really prove they are a very strong developer and really give a great opportunity for all users.


This two function really makes me more confident with steemleo and will post more about Leo finance related post.

Have a great day all.

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@bboyady posted 3 years ago