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The Growth Of NFT in SMARTBCH and Two More Collections Coming

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3 months ago

In case an outsider tries today to have a glance in smartBCH it is easy to discover it has been distributing wealth and profit to the participants, but also has its dangers.

I found in smartBCH some DeFi platforms that have some farms and staking, but also some mechanisms that made me stay away from this.

Also, discovered the nft part of smartBCH perhaps having a lot more potential than I expected, less risk, and less stress for the participant.

It could be a psychological factor with the nfts that pushes people into buying the hype, and while we trade and purchase or mint nfts we feel multiple conflicting emotions.

Word on the street is a lot more is coming with some collections making many participants waiting with excitement for the next few weeks util they officially released.

Watching today the market of nfts in smartBCH it is an expanding economy, advancing and supporting buying as early as possible and as much nfts as possible.

NFTs Growth in smartBCH

Not every collection became so popular as the top we have had. Even some of those that collected hundreds of BCH, are still not moving as many expected.

Although, it is two collections that outperformed and have presented outstanding returns. One is Law Punks by blockng, and the other one is Queens. These two have different models set to support the price.

I wish I had bought more than just a couple of the Punk NFTs but the hundredfold profit when I sold those I held was more than a consolation, a successful intuition to invest in it early.

The same can also be said about the token of this NFT, Law, that has also outperformed the market and reached to fifty times returns.

Queens sold out in three hours and the volumes since then were astounding on the OASIS nft exchange. Thrones also has a model that will be applied with the next collection that will be the Kings nfts and there will be combinations with Queens in a future development of the Thrones platform.

Two cool collections are on the making and developments will be announced in the following weeks. Keep these in mind since maybe the effect they will have will be similar or perhaps, even better than Law Punks that is currently the most profitable for the collectors.

Gambling Apes Club

One of them is a replica of a very popular nft collection in Ethereum, with some small changes by the part of the developer.

This is (also the link to the website).

You can find the information of this collections there, it is a clone or a fork from the Ethereum one and the mint will begin sometime in the following two weeks.

We can find all the information for this collection right on that link ( and on the telegram @apescash .

The collection offers 10,000 distinctive NFTs at a mint price of 0.025BCH each. With the current price of Bitcoin Cash in dollars this is about $9.5 each.

The developers of this nft collection are Joemar Taganna and Keith Patrick. There will be an announcement before the mint phase begins.


This is a unique (no clone) nft collection by Josh Ellithorpe coming on smartBCH.

It has 10,000 NFTs all will be offered at mint and the cost of mint will be 0.05BCH.

There is also more in this collection since there is a connection with another development of a gambling dapp, and it will all unravel in the coming weeks.

Spice NFT Series

Lastly, we have one new collection of NFTs by Spice on its website ( Spice has created a nice market for NFTs and for the time being it hosts the work of one artist (Baghid).

Each NFT is sold for 500,000 spice. Go ahead and take a look!

The nft area of smartBCH is getting some important developments and we have to expect a lot in the coming months, as the attention will keep increasing.

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Written by   38
3 months ago
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