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Youtube bans

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4 months ago

[EDIT]: The official youtube channel of is back up again.

Youtube has terminated the official youtube channel of The account link was this: and as we can see the youtube termination message:

Roger Ver posted a video on Reddit a few hours ago about this and explains that the termination of the account happened for no reason at all. I suggest watching the whole video if you haven't done so. Here is the Reddit link.

Roger Ver also explained that this is a good time to begin exploring other options as Dtube and Lbry.

Seriously I don't know the reason for banning other YouTubers still, it looks unable to handle it's size and traffic lately.

Bot-nets are dominant in youtube and can be used to pump numbers. I've seen videos getting 1000 likes the same second they were uploaded. The scammers that post the fake giveaways possess such bot-nets. They hack accounts, delete all their history, and livestream their scam giveaways. Sometimes they even turn live-chat on and have chatbox posting to lure people in.


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