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My Photography Work

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1 year ago

Happy Lord's Day beloved of God.

We have beautiful weather today and I just couldn't take my eyes off the sky.

The cloud was just too lovely. I decided to take a few shots today and share with you guys to also behold the lovely clouds.

If there is one thing I love so much about photography and nature, it's the sky because of its beautiful and lovely formation of the sky.

I love to imagine the cloud forming different kinds of animals and objects.

When I was quite younger, I used to believe the clouds change into different animals like cat, lion, rabbit, horse, etc lol.

Sometimes I see a horse and a horse rider.

Today I captured a few and edited them in a different color.

Below are the shots and the different editing.

First Editing

In this image, I edited and increased the contrast and reduced the brightness

Second Editing

This is the second editing. I changed it to black and white. I love monochrome images cause of the ancient look.

Third Editing

I made this particular one look a little warm and cold as well 🤭😂

I don't know how they call this type of editing but I like it that is why I changed the color and made it look this way.

Fourth Editing

This night editing. I made this shot look like it was taken during the night. Part of the image looks darker than the other part and this is the perfect edit for it.

I am not a photographer neither do I have a professional camera.

All the images I share is from my phone. I captured it with my phone camera and edited with my phone as well.

I hope you like my photography today.

Camera: Infinix Hot

~Weird Fairy

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Written by   97
1 year ago
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Beautiful. It looks like a few animals playing together for me. I like seeing cloud formation too.

Can you tell me about the camera you use? Is it an application on your phone?

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1 year ago