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Laughing is the catalyst of every sadness

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1 month ago
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A day when dates and names don't matter!

At the bottom of the well, the world is different, stable;

It is a life without slogans, without rules, far from people, with little damage. And it's never free; going up to endless reckonings; you want to see the end, when we see that we are finished, we start the calculations again; It's like saying "death is not the end but the beginning"; we always have hope within us, that;

Hope is dangerous, threatening, daring a little bit…

Bravery; He is tired of even talking, he has fasted in silence, he has been lost in a poem for days. Ready for whatever is happening, watching her surroundings. I wished I could take away my compassion, my concept of love, my self-respect, my kindness, that is, all my beautiful feelings. I would be free. I would be an unpunished goddess. It had to be a cost-free, pain-free way of life.

This is a world where faces, places and names change…

Oh, my paid pains that I kept close to me, we couldn't say goodbye in any way. I could blame someone. NS; that would be very easy. But who was I, who took over life by force? In the midst of all this, a savior? Or is he guilty? Or a warrior who delivers justice? Could he be a coward? No,, just a spectator. That's exactly the role I chose for myself.

You fall, you get up.

Is it his word?

To doze at the bottom of wells for the sake of living.

O pain; You can say, "I can see the bottom," just for the sake of starting over, like a spirit suspended in daydreams, it was an excuse to give up, as if being trampled on, going through the eye of a needle.

I said, “The world is different at the bottom of the well, you leave every feeling about the person to the streets and you start a intimate dialogue with the proposition of life to you. For example, you don't die from being sociable, always looking for the underlying cause by loving the unhappy more!

Outside, there was a world that was not allowed to be lived by anyone, and it stood there, shining. Pure and free. However, a world in which man intervenes; savage and ruthless.

“The roads of heaven are thorny,” he says in the story; Why weren't the heavens with beautiful roads told? fairy tales, songs, poems and movies. Why? they imposed it; Why? we did not think that there could be a paradise on which one can walk comfortably.

The perfect paradox when you think about it.

To bless our lies, we had black and white options.

In this way, we told such beautiful lies. We even know people who just want to hear the lie. A huge contradiction opening up to life, as if it wasn't complicated anyway, yes it was real pain. We were not ready at all. We were children brought up by circumstances, charlatans, traditions and customs. We did what we know best. like those before us

Now I am watching an unformed landscape. This portal that opens into me says only summer. Get out of this well. There are other worlds out there that you haven't discovered yet.

I believed in the existence of love

But there was a problem

I had a big problem

About love...

Too much slurred words and people uttering those words.

Life was going on its way.

How was true love reflected in the heart?

I wasn't just wondering about the reality of love, actually I had obligations to life. I had responsibilities to fulfill.

Despite this, love was always a word in the back of my mind.

Was there a fault in love?

Because some human sketches wanted me to think that this was so.

Or would a flaw in a person make us give up on love?

after a long time

I realized some things. The word they spoke of was lust.

I noticed that they substituted the feeling of love for lust.

It was a big mistake.

I tried to understand life. I've known people. Yes, there were a thousand kinds of people.

I've always come across words. I always made up sentences.

Sometimes elliptical sentences became my port.

During this time, as long as I avoided exaggeration, God blessed me with majestic poems.

And I give thanks to the Lord who embellished my destiny with words.

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Written by
1 month ago
Topics: Sadness, Story, Writing, Blog, Experiences, ...
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