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Uploading Pictures: Raw or Edited?

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3 months ago friends, how are you? Its been long since I posted here. I ran out of ideas in writing such long articles like my brain has dries up from lots of thing that I have to do.

We all upload pictures, right? Too bad the source of my cover photo was erased acciddentally here in the drafts. So how do you upload them? Do you make edits firkst before uploading? Some, no most, well all of the cameras now has filter efdects and the selfies taken, well, the skin in pictures all look so fine, like the pores are gone. I know you can all relate to what I am saying now.

Most people, I won't say women because men too like the results of the filtered photos they get. But foor me, I really dont like it. It feels like it's not me. Once, I even get angry if the filter setting in my phone is turned into the max of it. Now, before clicking the capture button, I always chexk the filter setting in it.

I jope you are noy getting angry as you were getting this far in my post. It is just taht this is the reality.

Maybe I'm just a realist, but until now, I don't really know what this word means or if this really exist. But I wanted to see everything as they are.

No filter on this
Level five filter in the portrait mode of the camera

I always wanted to see my skin imperfections especially my scar on the face. It makes me look like me. I have a near morena complexion but pale.

I once read an article saying that you can be your own racist. So I thougt if you hate being yourself and hating what you have, spending lots of money just to make yourself more pleasing to yourself and to others, you might as well be your own body shamer. Wouldn't you agree on this.?

There are memes on facebook that compares the profile pic and the real face and it has suvh a great difference and the real face looks a lot different with the profil picture. Upon hearing /seeing tgis meme, I was very glad I stayes about not using filers. Imagine that will happen in real life. Then the person you met expecting high from you from youd profile pic. Wouldn't ibe shameful if he'll tell you that you looks so different from you profil picture.

I can relate so much to this because a co worker of mine has a phone with a high grade camera in it even uses a camera 360 app so he can look young and soft.

Maybe one of the reasons why I like more to be me in my pictures is that long ago, my husband always say that he saw someone who looks like me but without a scar on the face. The thought about it makes me shiver in jealousy. Have you experienced one? Well this might be a good topic in my next article. Haha

Thank you for reading what my wild and sleepy brain told me so tonight. Have a. Good night's sleep you all.

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Written by   16
3 months ago
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I do not like filtered pictures Seeing some pictures will make you feel like you’re ugly not knowing that they are ordinary filtered pictures

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3 months ago