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Crypto Education Should Be All Free

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6 months ago

Crypto education is a way to spread knowledge about cryptocurrency and its use. Companies are exploiting people who lack crypto knowledge and are asked to pay lots of money to receive so-called education that you can find through the Google search engine.


Why you need crypto certificates 

You do not and it meant nothing from the crypto community. In the old system, certificates only told people you knew something. In the digital world, certificates are just pieces of paper that tell you nothing about the person that may or may not know a thing!


To become an expert is not something you know

If you want to become an expert on crypto, simply build a blockchain and with your own crypto. That is it! It proved you know in and out of crypto and it’s technology. Whatever education you receive does not tell anything about your capabilities. All certificates and education really mean nothing more than someone reading Wikipedia out loud.


Crypto education is free

You can pick a book online to start building up your blockchain. There is no need for any form of education to understand as all codes are open source. You just need to focus and spend lots of time to understand how it works.


Crypto paying companies should not be exist 

Companies such as Blockchain Council who charged almost $200 per certificate shouldn’t be existing! Those certificates are not any credentials verification and it is just a piece of paper. Their course materials are from many online resources and you should not fall from these companies' business traps.


Continue learning and submerge 

The key to learning crypto is to constantly read and get answers from forums or places that are free of cost! Learn as much as possible!


Earlier days, there were not crypto education 

If you do not believe me. Think about how people got involved in earlier days when crypto just started? People were self taught and there were only limited resources on the internet back then! 

Those people are still learning and they did not get any certificates to prove they knew something!


Grow out from the old world and embrace the new one

Certificates, diplomas, licenses, or any forms of approval are symbolic to exclude someone from the competition. It is an old way we thought we outsmart others. It no longer works in the digital world! Everyone got Google as the knowledge bank. It is how to utilize your knowledge to benefit and fairly compete with others!


Not education taught the core ideas of crypto 

The truth of core crypto beliefs is freedom from control! Such ideas were developed in the early 70s from cypherpunks. People start to forget about the goal and use it to get rich quickly.


In conclusion 

It does not matter how early you got involved in crypto. It does not matter how much education training you received and what titles certificates told you to be. Simply just building a blockchain can prove you are an expert. Those training sessions are needed to be curated and you should be aware of any education scammers out there. In the end, crypto education should be free of charge!

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Written by   31
6 months ago
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