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$1T Public Money vs. $3T Crypto

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2 months ago

What a coincidence that a $1T bill has just been passed from Congress to boost economic growth and the crypto market just hit $3T market capitalization.

The broker

Back in August 2021, there was a provision of the term “broker” that confused many people that whether it will categorize to crypto miners and wallet developers in the IRS reporting category or not. Even the bill has passed, there is still no resolution on how brokers will categorize to become. It is until 2024 to set a path for the crypto community to fight for and clear the term.

The meaning of a job is changing

The idea of the bill is to further push American workers to join the workforce and input more labor power into the economy particularly in the infrastructure system and upgrade all over the physical assets around the country. The problem is the low-paying jobs and unsatisfied working conditions that COVID exposed. Any workers walk away from their jobs to pursue other dreams. Many also invest their savings in crypto like Shiba and make a fortune out of it just within a year. What job gives people has changed from a secure living standard to uncertain of wasting time while missing out on another potential gaining such as cryptocurrency investments or stock investments.

Physical-world vs. virtual-world

With marching into Metaverse from the announcement of Facebook changing the name into Meta, the future world is separating physically and virtually. You can have two lives that one to work in the physical world while another career path in the virtual world. 

Limited resources in the physical world

In the physical world, everything is fixed. High cost of living and housing price, and commodities price will slowly catch up with inflation that becomes more likely uncontrollable into the future. Physical-world becomes a mess and costly. It pushes many people away into the Metaverse that resources seem unlimited and open to every participant

Unlimited resources in the virtual world

You may struggle in the physical world but luckily you can escape it and dive into Metaverse to have another life. Cryptocurrency makes the virtual world more economically feasible than ever. From NFTs market to game, one can choose their strength and explore the new world while earning a living payment.

Don’t lose yourself in the virtual world

While the boundary between the physical world and the virtual world becomes more blur, you want to keep awake of yourself by being a digital slave and unconsciously working for a big corporation. Meta (formally Facebook) can recruit you to become a virtual slave by collecting your data and selling for other uses is one of the examples you want to be aware of. 

Public money vs. Crypto

When you earn from public money, you grow slow and stable. You lost an opportunity to ride the trend and then will become FOMO to lose your money. While crypto is a future for many people to join and grow.

In conclusion

Whether you choose public money or crypto, you want to grow and prevent uncertainty to derail your plan. So which future do you want to choose from?

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Written by   19
2 months ago
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