Easy Faucet claimer - An app to centralize all your faucets and optimize your claims

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2 years ago

Faucet and claim fans, let me introduce you to a cool little app that runs on Android: Easy Faucet Claimer (use my code sebcoinpot during setup to get additional bonuses).

Sorry for Iphone owners, the app is not available in the Apple Store but it is still possible to optimize your faucet claims by using them via your BRAVE internet browser (to earn BAT while you surf and claim).

The advantages of this "Swiss Army Knife" application of faucet claims are multiple:

  • allows you to group them all in the same place and to be able to claim them from anywhere: a good way to make the most of your time while waiting for your bus or train for example,

  • supports the 7 coinpot faucets: practical so as not to lose your "loyalty bonus" acquired thanks to your regularity,

  • supports other specific wallets  (Faucet Pay, Faucet Crypto ...),

  • allows you to add all your other faucets manually and organize them.



The app was originally created to claim the 7 Coinpot faucets and is optimized to do so quickly (ads are not as prominent as on web browser). Thanks to this application you can let your browser work with the "multiply" to optimize your earnings (see the optimization method on my FB page).

Main menu 

Claim's sample:

7 Coinpot's faucets


You can centralize all your multiwallets.

My favorite multi-wallets:


It is possible to add your faucets links directly in this section. Here again, time savings and efficiency: claim at your own pace when and where you want :)

My favorite faucets:

I hope you find this presentation useful. Other tips and shares to discover on the FB Cool Crypto page. Come visit it ;)

Easy Faucet Claimer (use my sebcoinpot code during installation to benefit from additional bonus).


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