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The Curious Case of The Psychedelics Anonymous NFT

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6 months ago

Those in the NFT world always seek to mint the latest hit project. The issue is that finding projects of this calibre can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Since virtually anyone can create an NFT and build a substantial community backing their project, the question is: Can you find a project that offers more than just a couple hundred off of your initial investment?

Although it can be quite tricky to build the knowledge and experience to find blue-chip projects with a promising roadmap, once you dive yourself into the space, you'll find that it gets easier over time.

But like I said, it's a question of finding the right NFT for exponential growth.

By reading this article, you may just be in luck. The Twitter NFT community is drooling over the prospects of Psychedelics Anonymous ("PA" for short), a foundation with the mission to promote and provide psychedelic-assisted therapy through their version of the metaverse.

Let's get straight into the nitty-gritty of this project to find out if it's worth the trouble of entering their WL.

The Concept

With the catchphrase "We are the night," PA is all about supporting those with mental health issues. From their website, we can infer that PA is building a platform to free those trapped by the horrors of mental health issues.

It's essential to understand the dev team's goals for the project. It's not about making a fun P2E video game, but it's more about establishing a community with love for psychedelic-assisted treatments.

The concept seems like it's trying to eliminate the stigma behind psychedelics. With 92.1k followers at the time of writing this article, it looks like the team is successfully promoting their cause.

The Goals

Before we get into the NFT drops, let's talk about the project's goals.

Its main goal is to build a large community of psychedelic supporters. From their point of view, a large community leads to more exposure thus, creating a considerable impact on society.

In essence, it's all about scalability. This isn't a get-rich-quick scheme; it's a principle to do something good in the world.

Building on this goal, the only way to make a scalable community is to introduce utility in IRL and the metaverse.

Utility will be provided through their four drops. Each drop has a different aspect to which they will tackle this challenge. I'll be analyzing their NFTs later on in the article.

Finally, they want to assemble a metaverse with inclusivity and accessibility in mind. This will be accomplished through various methods like giveaways for WL spots, low pricing for their drops, and a sophisticated roadmap with a bright future.

The NFT Drops

Yup, that's a part of one of their NFT drops. Cool, right?

So how do their NFT drops work?

There will be four collections with a total supply of 38,380 NFTs. For those in the NFT sphere, you know a high number of NFTs can be a turn-off. Too much supply is unhealthy for a project.

Well, here's the catch. Each NFT collection will contain the same amount of NFT drops. So for the first drop, it will include a total of 9,595 NFTs. The second drop will also incorporate 9,595 NFTs and so on.

In their eyes, the more NFTs, the more inclusivity. Remember, this is all part of their vision.

1st collection: Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis PFP

The first round of minting is by far the most prestigious of the bunch. On December 23rd, community members will be able to get their hands on the Genesis drop for a floor price of 0.088ETH!

Minters will gain access to exclusive IRL merch, metaverse wearables, metaverse clinic services and VIP areas.

The drop will mostly offer utility through the project's partnership with Mind Medicine Australia, an organization that will provide one-on-one sessions with specialist clinicians that provide mental health support.

Now what's neat about this aspect of the Genesis collection is that the service will be offered through the eventual launch of their metaverse. Neat!

In addition, holders will be able to flex their PFP artwork on all their social media accounts. PA's artwork looks like it's straight out of Squid Games or The Purge, and even with the removal of utility, the artwork alone is unique and refined.

But really, there's bound to be NFT gurus in the sphere with the goal of auctioning off their NFT for a profit. Those who sell their NFT will receive a 5% royalty on secondary sales.

2nd collection: IRL Psychedelics Anonymous Pass

Next up is the second collection coming in at a lower floor price of 0.06ETH compared to its predecessor. The IRL Pass offers holders access to IRL PA events like meetups and the like.

Holders also get exclusive access to IRL Pass merch drops in the future, as well as a set of merch sent to them at no additional cost.

3rd collection: Metaverse Psychedelics Anonymous Pass

Clocked in at the same price as the 2nd collection, the Metaverse Pass provides utility different from the IRL Pass.

Maybe you're not a fan of meeting others in the community IRL. Fortunately, with this collection, you can attend metaverse events and spaces. You can also mint any future Metaverse Pass wearable drops while also receiving metaverse wearables upon minting!

4th collection: Component #1

Last but not least is the cheapest of the bunch: Component #1. With the floor price set at 0.045ETH, accessibility is the name of the game for this drop.

This NFT collection comes last because it will provide the first onboarding requirement to the PA mini-game experience. Once more components are captured, holders can experience benefits through physical items, crypto, IRL, and metaverse merch.

In addition, once all components are obtained, holders will be able to stake the future in-game's currency: $PSY.

The Team

I think it's safe to say that PA's core team is probably one of the most vetted and doxxed teams in the NFT world.

Founder Lewis Gale (aka @BAYC2745 on Twitter) was the Managing Director of, a non-traditional advertising agency with experience working with large companies. Now he's a leader in the Web3 sphere with tens of thousands of followers!

Another team member I wanted to talk about is Joshua Connelly, the Creative Lead at Voltura Labs. With a portfolio of visual art, blending aspects of the machine world with human craft, Joshua has a distinctive take on the PFP NFT art movement.

My Thoughts

I believe in PA's mission. I can also attest to the community hype backing this project.

The artwork is there; Its mysterious, prestigious, and more importantly, cool. I believe the Genesis drop will prove that PA is the next big thing.

As long as PA sticks to its original concept and goals, we could see a dramatic increase in the value of PA collections next year.

Let's see how this plays out. I will be trying my hardest to get into a WL for all four of the upcoming drops.



I am not a financial advisor. Please do your own due diligence before making a decision based on my article, as I am not responsible or liable for your investment decisions.

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