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3 months ago

A few weeks ago, I had my urine and creatinine levels checked. The reason I went to the laboratory was because of my beer-like urine. Albumin and red blood cells were seen so we went to a doctor.

The doctor has suspected kidney disease. She obtained my blood pressure which turned out very high (Again!), making her suspicion even stronger.

The doctor referred me for a KUB ultrasound before deciding on what medicine to give me. She has just been prescribed hypertension and cleansing medicines.

The following day, I went for the ultrasound. I was surprised that there were no significant findings in my kidney and bladder. Though the result indicated a mild diffuse fatty liver plus an ovarian cyst which the sonologist said to be physiological and nothing serious. He told me I will just get back for another ultrasound to make sure that it is nothing malignant.

The kidney, ureters, and bladder were all normal during that time so I decided to go first to an OB-Gyne. I was referred back to an internist because the OB-Gyne found nothing during my pelvic examination.

The internist prescribed antibiotics and requested for repeat urinalysis together with blood tests and cholesterol tests.

Same problems were found in my urine--the presence of albumin and RBC. And yes, in agreement with my ultrasound revealing a fatty liver, my total cholesterol, as well as good cholesterol and ALAT, were above normal.

She then requested a urine culture to check what might be causing the problem and I also asked if I could have a repeat ultrasound due to persistent albuminuria and hematuria.

The repeat ultrasound just duplicated the first while the urine culture showed no pathogens or bacteria.

Still, my urine is foamy and, honestly, it even became very foamy. But the good news is that I no longer experience lower abdominal pain.

I suspect that my urine will still show the same result but I will just leave that first for the doctor to think about.

Let me just be glad that I have no other conditions besides albuminuria and hematuria. My blood pressure normalized but I will continue with my maintenance.

To summarize, after running here and there for checkups and laboratory, my significant findings were albuminuria, microscopic hematuria, and fatty liver. And a left ovarian cyst which could be physiological. No inflammation in the kidney, ureter, and bladder.

The continuing problem is the foamy urine, indicating proteinuria, which might still contain microscopic red blood cells. I am here at the clinic to listen to what the doctor has to say.

Meanwhile, I will have to make dietary changes if I do not want to indeed have kidney disease as was suspected by all doctors I went to.

Annoyingly, I am craving fries, burgers, and other fatty and salty snacks. Seriously, I wanted to just indulge in the things that I want.

You know what, I have no words. Despite what I have felt these past days due to the stress of knowing that I might have a serious underlying condition, here I am again, not being wary.

I am trying so hard to be on terms with myself but the temptation of immediate gratification is just so strong.

For goodness' sake...

Overcoming a big appetite is just so challenging. But I needed to persevere if I love myself and my family.

I have to think of the expenses I incurred because of the checkups and laboratories. And I should take this as a wake-up call.

I have promised myself thousands of years ago that I will follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

But every so often especially these past few months, I have been allowing myself to go astray.

No matter what I tell myself, I still can't keep it in check.

But I must persevere! Yes, we all should do that. In the name of long life and a healthy living.

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Written by   107
3 months ago
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Almost same. Hirap icontrol yung kinakain if may cravings or walang choice sa niluluto. Hirap ako sa weight loss pero may improvement naman for months. Minus 5 kilos tsaka mas ok na physique ko.

Try mo din po ilimit yung paggamit ng oil like mag airfry or grill nalang. Ganyan ginagawa ng Lola na pinagbabawalan ng doctor sa oily food.

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3 months ago

Thanks for the tip!

Yun nga ata naging cause yung always fried mga ulam. Kaya kailangang maging consistent na talaga para baka may ibawas dn hindi lang sa timbang pati sa mga ganitong findings.

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3 months ago