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I want freedom!

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1 week ago

I want freedom. I want to be free from guilt, from bondages, from slavery, from my trespasses.

Things that bind the mind

Not long ago after I went through a major crisis, I began to think about what makes a man free.

I longed for peace of mind, of freedom, of being free from the things that bind the mind.

A few years ago, I purchased an insurance product. Along with it is a health incentive where you get a rebate after hitting the target for the given week. Because of that even though I feel very sleepy at night, I see to it that I finish first my exercise just so I would be able to earn the prize.

But then I noticed that it affected instead my rest period. So instead of being healthy, I became blind instead to simply getting the reward.

It was an incentive but I turned it into something harmful to my health. The correct way supposed to be is to really allocate time first thing in the morning to hit the target steps thru jogging in place or going for hour-long walk.

Therefore, after I was said to be ineligible for the incentive, I gladly let it go since it is not helping me anyway. Or the harm is more than the good it gives.

I became free of its binding effect leaving me able to at least use more time to rest.

Another thing that takes our time is use of social media platforms. If we are not mindful, we use more time for mindless scrolling instead of using it for our advantage. It binds us in a way that our time is snatched away from things that are of more importance.

Music. Sure thing, music heals the soul. But what music are we listening to? Are we sure the music is healthy for our soul? Those that seem harmless may even lead us astray. Therefore we always need to make wise decisions.

Mobile games. I remember an app that gives incentives when you play or use it. Unfortunately, you will only be able to earn around 10 dollars in more than 6 months after all the amount of time you put to it. I've played it for more than a year and I've only cashed out twice. But it took my time away from more worthwhile things to be done.

Letting go of things that bind our mind

I noticed that instead of being incentivized I was more tired and I don't think the prize is worth it. I am talking about the incentive that came along the insurance that I purchased. Again, I let it go rather gladly when I was no longer eligible for it.

As for the social media platforms, I saw its impact on my daily life and had to let it go. Fortunately, I turned my energy to writing. Even though there is also the binding effect of writing, at least it was helpful for my career and essay writing.

The app that I used to play, I uninstalled it without regret.

Letting go is not easy most of the time. But it will be the only way for us to experience freedom from time to time.


I always longed for simple living. That, where in you only eat natural foods. Even the process of cooking should only be boiling or steaming. You sleep at least 8 hours a day and get to do exercises. Eating, sleeping, while living. Not the dull life but the simple life. Eating... Sleeping... While living. Enjoying the greeneries, being with healthy animals, playing with family, visiting friends, and basking in the sun's glories.

With the life I have right now, how then will I be able to achieve it?

I think about it day and night.

I have deadlines to meet, things to do, and many more to accomplish.

How then?


Unless I give up something, I will never be free.

Eventually, I had to give up on the apps that dominated my time. I let go of the other lives that I lived so far. What I do now is writing, eating, sleeping, attending to the kids, house keeping, doing assignments, accomplishing school-related concerns, attending to my students and most of all, feeding my spiritual life.

I don't ever know what could have happened to me without my spiritual life.

Steps to take to attain freedom

This part now is the hardest yet the most rewarding and fulfilling part. I don't wish to appear preachy. If you still wish to read on, then go on. If you don't want anymore, feel free to come another time. Thank you!

Living A Holy Life will free us from worldly pressures, strains, and problems.

Reading The Words, praying to Him, obeying His Commands, are the things that we do to live A Holy Life. We will be persecuted for sure. We will be criticized.

Suggested Steps to Live

  • Listen to worship songs.

  • Pray every moment.

  • Attend masses and cell group meetings.

  • Have a daily quiet time with Him.

  • Live in love, not in anger, anguish, loneliness, etc.

  • Always remember how Jesus suffered. Compared to His sufferings, ours are nothing.

Life of the Free

Live it! Then you get to experience the life of the free...

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Written by   10
1 week ago
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Best advice I got for the day. Amen and amen to that.

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1 week ago

Thank you, Mam. Be reading your post po in a while.

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1 week ago