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Guide your heart away from madness

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1 week ago

I’m writing this obviously for me. When I started this account, I swore to write like no one was reading. Thinking or writing for someone else just drains the wit out of my fingers. No, I mean, the wit out of my head.

Now that other people are reading my article, it’s time to not think about them but focus more on what value to give. It is not helpful to get very conscious of every word and sentence you say.

But this guide is not about my writing. I just like to write some sort of rule that I have to follow in order to lessen frustrations and sadness.

If you are not interested, feel free to navigate away from this page. But in case you like to check on the rules, read on. We might both be needing the same things.

So what guide is this then if I wanted to lessen frustrations and sadness? Let us call it “Guide your Heart away from Madness.” Let us give 10.

Number 1: Wake up early in the morning. Meaning that you should sleep early at night. Ironic though because as of writing this piece, it is already 2:44 AM and I have not slept yet. But anyway, I will follow this next week starting Monday.

Number 2: Upon waking up, sit a while then do some breathing exercises. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale…

Number 3: Fold your beddings. If not, just fix your bed so it looks tidy. Just straighten the sheets and fix the pillows. Put the folded blanket on top of the pillows.

Number 4: Go to the living room. You should have with you a book that you will read. That book should be the bible. Read the verses suggested to you by your pastor.

Number 5: Have some quiet time. I have learned this from the seminar I attended one time. After your quiet time, communicate with Him. Cast all your worries to him. Pray fervently. Close your eyes and focus. If you feel lazy, pray that you will be diligent. If you feel stressed, ask Him that He will heal you. Praise Him, ask for forgiveness while confessing your sins, give thanks to Him, and talk to Him.

Number 6: Start the day right by being prompt to the house chores and any other task that you are to do for the day be it your job or your responsibilities as students. You will notice that you actually have a lot of time to spare when you do your chores promptly and with vigor.

Number 7: Plan some walking escapades. Suppose you have a grocery that is a kilometer away from your home, schedule the day when you are going to buy groceries there. You walk while going but in returning home, you have the option to ride because the grocery items may be very heavy. The walking will serve as your exercise.

Number 8: Seriously, do some exercise. Aside from walking, do some mild pushups repeatedly. You can also have some situps, and other aerobic activities. Use your headset and listen to some music while you dance. Have some warm up and cool down. Just be cautious not to injure yourself.

Number 9: Do some housekeeping. It will be a helpful tip to start at one area only. You can then continue with the next place you wanted to clean then to the next. Do not look at the whole space in your house and sigh because you seem to never be able to fix it. Do things one step at a time.

Number 10: Always acknowledge when you are feeling down. Always acknowledge every little something which might be bothering you. If you are physically weak, then strengthen your body. How do we strengthen our body? Eat a balanced diet. If you are emotionally drained, just take some time off so you will reload. But if you needed some company, make sure not to drain that person by talking about your problem the whole day. If you are spiritually hungry, then go to mass and hear the words of your priest or pastor. If you are mentally fatigued, rest well and afterwards, try to read slowly.

I actually wanted to do always the 10 above but there always is this force in me than pulls me away from the right thing. But that is not an excuse. Again, we make it a habit to always pray.

There are many curses that we have inherited from our roots. It is then necessary to break those curses and replace them with good habits and right conduct.

As of the moment, I am more talk than action. I do not like more talk. Equal action is also needed. It’s good to talk because it is a way to express but balance it with action.

This is always the downside in me because I spout a lot of things but when it comes to implementing it to myself, it’s just plain hard. But when I do follow all these, I get good results. Believe me.

With the housekeeping, I will start here on my desk. Beside my laptop are scattered papers. I will start with this right now. There is also this cup which I used for my coffee a while back. I will put it on the sink right now.

I have mentioned that it is already past 2 in the morning now and that I will be following my guide next week. So what I will be doing when I wake up will be to have my quiet time. Afterwards, I will wash all these utensils that are painful for the eyes. I also have to balance my writing with my scheduled other works.

I just ate noodles a while back. Hmmm… I will not do that again.

I forgot to include the healthy diet in the 10 guides. I will eat healthy foods. We all should. And make sure to always ask what the right process of preserving food is.

Right after publishing this, I don’t plan to forget this. Rather I will copy this into a blank word document for future quick references.

It really is hard implementing plans. But for as long as we could implement and follow it, we do it. This will help us in the long run.

If you are reading this up to here, would you mind writing an article about your guide for yourself as well? Tag me so I could read it and learn from you as well.

Thank you for reading!



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Written by   39
1 week ago
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Wow, what a good guide. It is really recommended for everyone here. I also have bad habits, a result of poor management of priorities. I guess that is the root for all of us. Hmmm. Good morning!

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1 week ago

Gawin natin kahit unti unti. Good morning!

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1 week ago