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Got pranked on the road (attacked by a titan, joke)

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3 months ago

It's such a strong word to say that someone is crazy. But I do not want to use the word abnormal either.

I was walking on the sidewalk with my eyes fixed on my phone. There are only a few people on that part of the road. Or it was almost empty.

That is the reason why I dared focus on my phone while reading something that I have searched on google.

You know, I just take interest in reading anything that has something to do with my unusual condition. So even if I was on the road, I could not wait to read blogs or articles about albuminuria and hematuria that are isolated and not necessarily related to renal problems.

Currently, I am having blood and protein in my urine but my kidneys are sonographically normal.

So even if I am not a medical student or what, it has just become news to me the things that related articles say.

Anyway, going back on the road, I was reading on my phone while walking. I was about to turn left when a dirty man had his arms wide open ready to wrap them around me. His face was like that of a pirate. Or more like a mindless titan whose primary intention was to scare the heck out of someone.

This is Dina Fritz turned titan, a mindless titan

Image Source - image also used as lead image, Thank you!

True enough, I screamed because I was so shocked I didn't know how to react! If you have been watching Attack on Titan anime, the reaction of the titan above was like the man's grin. I just can't find any more pictures that fit what I would like to describe so I used that.

I was so relieved when his face was like, "Kidding! Hahaha!" Although I didn't understand what he was speaking. A different dialect, I guess.

When I was out of his earshot, I was laughing out loud and my heart was pounding loudly as well. I guess, I acted worse than those characters I saw on TV when being suddenly attacked by villains.

I couldn't stop thinking

That was really close. I would have been done for if that lunatic had worse intention than just scaring me. He didn't steal anything. He also didn't touch me or anything.

He was strangely familiar. I remember that man interrupting the conversation of two people that I just happened to see in town. But that was a few months ago. It was as if he knew the two ladies. Good thing he got lost immediately.

"What was that," was written on the face of one of the ladies. I got goosebumps. Though I didn't see my arm hairs get up.

I was having a theory that perhaps he was seriously sick. Because I think no normal person would be doing that. He may be doing well physically but his mental state is a mess.

I do not want just yet to sympathize with him because I still get mad thinking about my experience.

I have not told anyone about it and this is the first time I am relating this story. Well, just maybe, he was also an intel for some organizations out there but who knows, he may just really be a sick lunatic. I hate him for what he did to me.

But then, I still felt an iota of sympathy for him. Who knows who knows. What made him like that? Does he need help? Is he perhaps an orphan? Or is he just pranking people around the city?

I just hope that his pranks would just be like those and nothing very serious. Although I believe that someone with a heart ailment might die instantly with what he was doing with people.

But, I just have a strong feeling he may be an intel after all. Or not. Because it kills to scare people.

And you see, I am already paranoid as I am. He's just adding to injury. I put my phone in my bag for fear of having another encounter like that one. I think that man was having fun.

Any thoughts? Geez... My reaction was just so embarrassing. Surprise attack you'd say. Hahaha. Oh my!

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Written by   107
3 months ago
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Much better po kung may pepper spray ka, in case of worse scenario. Keep safe.

If may mental illness man ( prolly psychosis) medyo unpredictable talaga, kaya need talaga mag ingat.

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3 months ago

Oo nga eh, naging kampante masyado. Ayun tuloy napagtripan.

Oo nga noh, mukhang psychosis. Buti di ako hinawakan o mas tinakot pa.

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3 months ago