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Gone for two weeks but it felt like over a year

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2 months ago

Oh well, things weren't going as they were planned and I stopped writing for over a week. I tried to but I just wasn't able to. One reason or another.

But it made me glad that I started forming random one-liners again inside my head. They may be gone by the time I feel like writing but then it was very hard to capture them just at the time that I wanted.

So I simply let them all go without much sentiment as to why they would leave when I needed them for my blogs.

I am glad. I am very glad that I am having weird thoughts and lines again. Sometimes while I am descending the stairs leading to our house from an exhausting mindless trip to town. Sometimes, while I am defecating. Gross but true.

I didn't publish anything here in over a week yet I feel like I didn't do anything here for like a year. But it doesn't matter, right? Some things are better and more important.

But of course, I have respect for discipline and hard-working people. Not that I have no discipline at all. Just that, it takes body and soul to really be up to something.

And now... How is everyone feeling? I hope that we all continue getting inspiration in writing here no matter what.

Iba pa rin talaga dito sa

Someday... Someday...

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