It depends on you

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2 months ago

It depends on who you are

How you hold your camera

Am I tall or small,

A public figure, forgotten, unknown?

It depends on you

If you sit or stand upright

Where and how you've been raised

How you see the world.

It's up to you

If giants, elves, and enemies exist.

Do you believe in a higher goal,

A place one calls home?

It all depends on your situation

If you are loved or alone

Abandoned by society, hated by family.

If you envy, feel empty, or are in control.

Do you find cams a great idea?

Is keeping an eye on the property,

Watching people, dominate those who came in peace

Giving you a better personality?

It's up to you who you want to be.

Send prayers to the one above

Wash your hands in innocence

Enjoy or make fun of the opposite.

Shake hands with allies and enemies

If you want guide those in need

It depends on you how you see me.

Did I come in peace or carry the sins of my ancestors

Should I pay for what others did,

While I was back then not even in my crib?

It's up to you who I am

Your being reflects on me.

Am I that foreign giant that blocks your doorway,

the restless or the lost soul who searches home?

Are you the one who admits he's a coward,

A sheep that doesn't, even in the open air, see a way out

But needs to blame someone else for it?

It all depends on you.

If you will ever accept me.

The photo is the prompt used, see

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2 months ago