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Friends and Relatives

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1 month ago

Friends and relatives should be important, supportive, be trusted. The reality shows different. It's proved those closest to us are the ones that can not be trusted, they are the ones who lie straight into our face, manipulate, abuse and rob us. Why? Because we trust them. Nevertheless, they are the ones who will use our weaknesses against us if it comes to a fight, a divorce or...
Women are called mean but men are the ones who practise this most. They don't care about breaking others if it makes them look better, especially if they get away with it.

It's strange how 'the family' (mother plus father) is still promoted by so many although reality proves the old fashioned family is not the safest place to grow up and we all know being loved is what counts.
We live in 2021 but too many can not be open with their relatives and friends. The number of depressed youngsters and adults, people living with stress increases year after year and this is not caused by any virus, the lockdown or the water we drink but by relatives and friends who don't care, don't invest, those who take others for granted.

In many western countries parents gave up on caring and sharing, on spending quality time with their children generations ago. A few who do are overprotective which isn't positive for the development of a child as an individual but understandable in a world where no one cares.

Family life... Those (rare) moments a family spends together they hardly talk and listen to each other. Everyone is 'busy' even the five-year-old needs a phone.
The phone took over watching television long ago. Hardly any family watches a film and enjoys together. People can not focus or sit still for five minutes. Setting the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner together is history.
People mainly care, and so do children, about themselves and their friends. Friends who might not be the right ones and have more influence than the parent or any relative.

Friends... Shouldn't we all have them? We live in an overcrowded world but the number of lonesome people increases. Friends, real good friends are rare but that doesn't mean a temporary friend isn't a plus. In a world where everyone claims to be busy it's hard to invest in relationships, always be there. The idea that friendships today are different from those decennial or ages ago isn't true. The fact is only if we meet the right person there will be a click. Only if there's a will to invest in a friendship it will remain. Relations take a lot of time, compromises and understanding. If we are honest most of us are not willing to invest that much time or we only do because it makes us feel better.

Friendships... We believe they will always remain no matter how we act, what happens or how we change but friendships do change because we are no longer the same or we're too blind to see that person wasn't a friend in the first place, can not fulfil our needs.
If we no longer invest in people, relatives or friends, we no longer need each other relationships end. Not because we live in a fake world but because close relationships only exist if we need each other and feel that bond.

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Written by   600
1 month ago
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i can't think myself without my relatives and friend 🥰🥰

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1 month ago

Good article indeed. Friends are very much important for our daily life. We live with friends & relatives are also bery much crucial for our life.😍

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1 month ago