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Life of a moderator
August 14, 2020

No, freewriting doesn't mean you can do as you like and you can dump whatever you wrote, including short notes with just "fhjklllllhfvbn" in the community freewriting. We like to keep our communities clean.

To make that clear rules are set. Clear rules and to those who are interested in freewriting feel free to read them. Yes, you are free to read, free to let it be just like the moderators are free to reject what doesn't fit in.

Some rules:
- We write 10 minutes without a break!
- We write about a prompt or topic.
No break means you write on, set your thoughts free and you stop as soon as your time is up.
How hard can that be? Not hard because the most important thing is we write, and a freewrite doesn't need to have an end.

Mention you used a timer.

A freewrite can be not more than rambling on but a story or poem as well. As long as you stick to the rules, which means you keep writing and think while you write. This means you need to practice and some need to practice a lot.

Plagiarism is not allowed and we go for exclusive material.
This doesn't mean you can not publish what you wrote elsewhere but it does mean there's a small chance you can use freewrites you wrote specifically for other platforms here as well. At least not in the community freewriting, perhaps it fits in the community (short) Stories / Tales but only if it is a well-written story.

Freewriting doesn't stand for short notes, no editing, not checking what you wrote after your time is up.
Neither is the community a trash can for everything that doesn't fit somewhere else!

Please, read the rules and take note the title is your prompt.

The fanart corner

The anime clubhouse

SYT: Creativity - drawings



(short) Stories / Tales

SYT: Poems


Self-motivation (freewriting)

Alcohol effects (freewriting)



Introduce Yourself


Politics - The voice of the people

Share Some Thoughts (SST) - Values

SST: Columnist

SST: Christianity
Use "Christians" in the title

Share Your Talents (SYT) - singing

SYT: Creative smartphone photography

SYT: Recipes from your kitchen

SYT: Poems

Farming techniques


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Written by   802
1 year ago
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You are welcome. I hope you join us.

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The problem is that the rules of each community are not read, and some users end up sending the articles and many of them have nothing to do with the community, let's reflect on it, it must be sent to the exact community. Thank you for giving a list of communities where you can join and submit your posts. #subscribe...

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