Ball winder?

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2 months ago

I crochet and knit but didn't know a ball winder exists. I use me for it and it that won't work the legs of a chair. If I think of winding a ball I think of two hands holding the yarn. Anyway I wouldn't spend a cent on it. It might be helpful if you fabricate your own yarn?

If it comes to balls they easily roll all over the place. The cat and dog like to play with it but I find it dirty (never use anything the little dog picked up. It stinks!).

If you knit or crochet it's better to put the ball in a bag and keep it nearby. I usually drop it next to me in the chair.

I started with a pullover for my kid. Last year's bought pullover (birthday gift) turned out to be a disaster. After wearing it only three times the pullover looked terrible. All that is left is a thin thread such as sewing thread. I bought yarn and it is a bad buy (plus expensive!). This yarn turns out to be exactly the same. I feel bitter about it but because I bought it I will knit the pullover even though it might fall apart after two or three times wearing it.


I need to stay focused on what I do. This yarn can't be reused. It goes slowly and each morning I need to redo a part of what I knitted.

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Hi my Kitty, I hope you are well. you made me laugh with your post because I know very well what you are talking about, that has happened to me over and over again because things don't start well from the beginning or because we just don't get the size we want. But it's better to weave and then everything will be fine.

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2 months ago