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And the winners are...

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1 year ago

Let's keep this post short - it's bedtime for me - and announce the winners of the first (free)writing contest on!

Thank you all for participating and showing what you are capable of. Thank you for reading and commenting on each other. You proved in 6 days' time you are not only freewriters but fast students and supportive as well. My compliments to all of you. It was a hard task to read every post and I even read them three times.

Although @Hearbeat1515 wasn't part of the jury and her entries are valid she decided not to join the contest.

@Read.Cash thank you so much for investing in your users, giving them the chance to improve. Know we are grateful for this opportunity.

The winners

1st prize: @ramonoropeza - 50$
Click on the link and you see what a freewrite looks like. The author proved you can write something good even if you need to translate each word.
Living with a drunk is not funny but the writer managed to make me laugh.

2nd prize: @marblely - 35$
Unmistakeable whiff
A newbie on this platform, an excellent writer. I saw her peeping and watching the neighbor climb and crawl.

3rd prize: @Ozzyy - 20$
Empty bottles, broken homes
He recently joined and knows how to keep your attention. Stay with us and help be one of the best.


45$ in BCH is reserved for bonuses. I truly wish there was more so each entry could be rewarded.

@Hanzell - 10$.
Self-destruction is the winning entry. Original, creative, and a must-read.

@Hyrret - 7$.
In the Gutters
Your entry reminds me of a song, you pulled the right string. I hope we'll read more poetry written by you.

@hamedbkh - 7$
The companion of the devil
Surprisingly enough, I didn't expect it to end this way.

@GulaManYOW - 3$
Self-alcohol-effects. The very first entry I read, many more came but you turned out to be one of the best. I hope you will write more.

@Vanjinks - 3$
Alcohol-effect, you wrote more than one entry and I truly hope you continue writing. This is something you can do even if it's about the same topic.

@ellimacandrea - 3$
Alcohol's domino effect, a good freewrite, informative, and I hope to read more from you on different topics.

@apocalypse - 3$
My alcoholic father, you impressed me with this freewrite and I am glad I wasn't the only one.

@Winona - 3$
Fifty percent sober is a good freewrite, informative, and worth reading.

@salma24 - 3$
Alcohol effect, you kept trying and have a lot to share. If you find your niche it will only get better.

@Yen - 1$
What are the effects of alcohol, what only some dare to write about.

@Dangerous_Fly - 1$
Alcohol-misconceptions, true or not it is impressive, sad, and worth reading.

@kat2x - 1$
The types of drunk people, this entry was original and good for a good laugh. I hope you find your niche.

The entry Is alcohol really worth drinking? was written ten hours after the deadline. @Anique knew but still wanted to give it a try. This is an awesome freewrite. If you didn't read it yet please, do and leave your comment.

Prizes and bonuses will be paid by our great sponsor @Read.Cash

The communities for freewriting are:

Freewriting - the title is your prompt - 10 minutes

Self-motivation - 3 prompts in tagline - 10 minutes

Alcohol effects - 6 prompts in the tagline - 10 minutes

If you like you can use the topics "self-motivation" and "alcohol effects" for the communities:

Share Some Thoughts (SST) - Values


SST: Columnist

What would your freewrite look like if you use it in combination with the topic of those communities?

We will keep supporting you as much as we can if you join us.

Good luck to all of you.

#kittywu #freewriting #alcoholeffects #winners

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Written by   721
1 year ago
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