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The Cycle of Life

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7 months ago

A Exclusive

One of the most beautiful gifts that life can give you is a family, however you should know how to do things, everything takes your time, take things calmly and not lightly, think what you are going to do more than once Before doing it, and once you have never regretted what you did.

How satisfactory is to have a baby between your hands, hugging him and seeing how beautiful it is to be a dad, then you open your eyes and see the kids running through your house, remember when they bothered you and the mesmerizing those,"beautiful memories". With the passage of time those children began to grow and after the noise that was heard at home, the silence arrived.

Sometimes you would like to listen to your kids again running, screaming and danking around the house, when you took them to the cinema or eating ice cream, when you struggled twelve hours of hard work just so that it was well and happy, after all are things that only A father knows.

And once old, we come back to our past, our children's children arrive, and we try to improve things, we correct all the mistakes of the past, and what you can listen to is your son saying "I hope you were this like this with me"

From errors you learn and live is a real pleasure that you do not all have, thank you with the time you shared with your children, and now you have the opportunity to share it with your grandchildren, after all it is life law!

Thank You for Reading. Have a Good Day 😊🙏

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Written by   3
7 months ago
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