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How I decided to change

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3 months ago
Topics: Poetry

It wasn’t the hazy late nights

Or the mornings torment

Not the forgotten names in my sheets

Or bruises on my feet

Not the serpentine temper

Or even the avoidable neglect

Or the deepest irrationalities

And disproportioned priorities

Eluding my transgressions has been simple

My moral code gets lost in the bottle

Ice cools the moonlit sorrow

The burn in my throat escapes tomorrow

But, this song

This soul consuming melody

Personified my pain

Gave my shame a name

It placed my principles at my feet

Directed my lackluster eyes to perceive

Reform was not only compulsory

But my turmoil is an escapable purgatory

Lyrics gushed off my spigot tongue

Chest rose and fell pumping

Released decades of pressure

Into my cars confining displeasure

The windows didn’t crack

The bass didn’t falter

No judgement laid in the wheel

I discovered the safest place to heal

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