when I afraid of Injection

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"Diabetes" is our hereditary disease. So one of my relatives is in a bad condition with diabetes. He was diagnosed with diabetes at a very young age. After hearing this news, my mother started maiking because I am at that level, lazy and Gharkuno is public. My mother's idea is that I too can get diabetes at a young age. That is why he has instructed to walk in the morning.

M: - Mom, let's check my diabetes tomorrow. Then either I will follow a balanced time routine

Mom: - No, I don't need it. You don't have diabetes, but it does.

Mr.: - There is only one thing in my mind, I will check

I persuaded him by walking behind my mother for 10 minutes. After a while, my mother came and asked,

"Do you know how to check for diabetes?"

- I moved my head to the right and left with the face of the helpless

- After hearing about taking blood, I left my mother's room, I haven't gone yet.

Meanwhile, after a while, my mother peeked into my room and told me to tell her what time I would be out in the morning.

Me:- Kavi Nehi

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