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Whispers in my plea to the curtain of freedom

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2 months ago

Do you know which one you are experiencing?

Most of us associate all these feelings with "Love"

First of all, I would like to mention that these feelings among people are and can be perceived and experienced differently by everyone.

Maybe love is a mystery, and people keep chasing after this mystery, most of the time they can't meet it, or even never actually.

Love is actually that deep desire to meet the person you can't meet.

A delusion is the way you think that the qualities you have planned in your mind exist in the person in front of you. As you can't reach it, your desire for it increases and it often turns into an obsession. What we find funny while watching, come on, is it that bad? The subjects of those movies we call can sometimes be experienced in real life as well. In fact, people are tested with love, they are disciplined, those who are aware of it or those who have reached this maturity now understand what it is.

Do you know why people are tested with love?

A person is tested with love to know himself, to understand life, and even to understand how empty and temporary this world is.

Because this feeling, which is a form of excessive love, is actually just a divine feeling. In other words, we are made to live so that we can realize that no mortal should be so exalted.

To hear love for a mortal person is the biggest test in this life. To forget everything and everyone, even forget yourself and concentrate on one person and live for him.

Sounds good to the heart, doesn't it?

But unfortunately not, because this attitude either drives you crazy or is a parent. If you manage to cook and mature, you can reach divine love, you can even become a philosopher, or your attitude towards life changes, even your attitude towards yourself changes. If you fail to find yourself and find that divine love, that's when the mind goes all over again. Your mental and physical health is gone. You can turn into a freak. As human beings, there is a very fine line that we need to pay attention to when wanting love and falling in love.

The mind is stunned by this intense emotion, and this extreme emotion makes people do things they wouldn't even do. If they don't realize what they are experiencing. Most of the time, when love turns into a disease, it can be replaced by hatred, grudge, greed, even revenge. In a game, it even makes a toy. The insane people we experience in our society begin to show a tendency to harm the person in front of them. One starts to hurt both himself and the one that he is so in love with. If he does not realize this and does not restrain himself, there may also be a disaster, the life he lived and will live.

Love is beautiful, but when it is in moderation and mutual. According to scientists, even this hormone exchange in our body has a lifespan! God gave the impulses He gave to every living thing to humans, and he wanted reproduction and generations to occur thanks to those impulses. So basically the emotion we feel is "pleasure" and we were asked not to feel these feelings for everyone.

What they call love at first sight is also excessive liking, what we feel when we look at the person in front of us is made up of these impulses. What these impulses will evolve into depends on our state, attitude and behavior towards each other.


Sometimes it is the cry of words, the bitter cries of silence.

The state of the separations, the autumn season dragging the leaves.


When communication is interrupted, no message is sufficient for us and none of our messages are perceived correctly.


The storm in our heart world is blowing away.

Putting the words into silence and making the point.

Shut up,

The glow of black dots in the heart with the shedding of tears.

It's a delayed version of time when trust and love begin to rot inside.


The sharpness of his cries that constitute a crime against accepted mistakes is sometimes to lose that person with a word to be said.


It is a reaction in fragile hearts.

Maybe it's a small message, it takes finesse to be noticed and repaired easily.

Or win.

Or a piece of evidence used against you.


A silent waiting ship

That heart ship stopping at the port and anchoring in solitude.


The cry of the pen, what you can't say

subtleties written in white milk.

The dusty form of the sentences in the library, bound by volume as a book!

This is not love!

It brings compassion, understanding and tolerance with it in love. If you can love the person you know even when you get to know them closely, if you don't give up, if you are happy to spend time with them, this is a healthy mutual love. Love is such that even if you break up with that person when the time comes, your respect for him will continue, his happiness will not disturb you. You want him to be happy under all circumstances.. The important thing is! Being able to love the person in front of you without breaking your heart or hurting your heart. Few people do this. Because passion, liking, enthusiasm are always mixed with "Love" and "Respect". I hope everyone finds true love in this world, that person who will be their life partner. Those who find it and know its value always live happily and peacefully until the end of their lives.

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Written by   123
2 months ago
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