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Pain makes me realize I'm meeting myself and being alone

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2 months ago

The day that is said to be never visited will come and go.

I always stay, and the one who cries will go when the time comes.

Whoever makes up his mind to go, goes. While going, neither obstacles nor mountains listen. They don't care about those who will cry or be sad behind them. When he leaves, he neither regrets what he left behind, nor thinks of his loved ones. He closed many of his channels and kept his channel open only to go. He is focused on the channel he keeps open.

He is inclined to go. It's on the runaway side. He intends to get rid of everything and everyone as soon as possible. He is in trouble to get rid of what he has and embark on a new life. It is in the fact that he puts a stone in his heart and lives for a while with apathy. He is willing to open his arms to what will happen and earthquakes.

There are certainly right or wrong reasons for those who go. But here, it is the act of going, not the reasons, that become important at this point. Staying was no longer a possible time frame. Breathing in the same place no longer accompanies peaceful moments. Being together with the same people no longer serves happiness. Staying in the same house, seeing the same walls, going in and out of the same door; It is no longer enjoyable.

It is a futile effort to hold back those who want to go, to stand in front of them. It is a temporary measure. It is wasted effort. If it is possible to go in his mind, he has already embarked on the journey on the way to go. He has turned his face to a new world. He has completely resigned himself to the new days. He is content with what is to come. In fact, he consented to everything that went. He is committed to suffering, pain, longing, uncertainty and loneliness.

Not everyone can go. He cannot show courage. He can't do that crazy. He cannot enter the madness.

Outgoing is a brave person, even if he is one hundred percent wrong. His eyes are fine. His pride has triumphed. Resist and standby points have been reset. His eyes and words went hand in hand. His soul and body met in the same frame. And for him, going for his steps seemed on the horizon.

And he walks away from everything, from everyone (perhaps without saying goodbye).

Sadness evokes the pain brought by the separation of man.

Pain, on the other hand, is when a person meets with himself, stays alone and understands himself.

If a person seems to be a little sad, he withdraws from the world and turns his face towards inward.

He constantly begins to question why he came, what he should do.

Every question he asks turns into pain at a different stage.

When sadness falls on sadness, every period of our life falls to the ground before our eyes like a cantorna leaf.

disappears into nothingness.

I don't know if this absence is the denial of the absence of sadness.

Longing is the most important and deepest concept that ignites sadness.

The sadness burns, and as it burns, it is brewed so that it becomes drinkable.

By drinking it, a person develops himself against the light.

In fact, sadness is the longing for the journey to eternity and the pain of a break. People perceive everything as a problem nowadays.

He sees himself in an endless competition, and when he can't reach this dream, he resents this situation and worries about himself.

A person who cannot seize the opportunity he desires loses his joy, his connection with life, his hopes, and becomes spiritually ill.

The end of all sorrows is happiness, the end of all laughter is tears.

In his joy, his sadness, his excess will kill us.

Sadness will be in every aspect of life.

Sometimes it is necessary to close that door before we pass out, right?

The life of this world will be in this sadness, bliss and beauty.

Do not steal sadness, always pour out our door, like the trees pour their ghazals.

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Written by   123
2 months ago
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Very true about your last words, life will treat you with sadness but we must not relent or rather give up..

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2 months ago

Very true about your last words, life will treat you with sadness but we must not relent or rather give up..

We should never ever give up

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2 months ago