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In life, I should be peaceful, without delaying myself, by producing happiness

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10 months ago

When I saw you for the first time, you had a "warm" smile. You were smiling at me as if you were saying "love me" in a naughty but sweet child manner.

While shaking hands with a sweet hello, your hands were wet and cold with sweat, I think you were very excited that day and that's why your hands were so cold.

Besides, I didn't know that those cold hands would warm my heart so much, you never knew how much you changed my heart.

Even though I wanted to pull his hand while I was clenching it with a move, I just couldn't take my hands off their hands.

Maybe I wanted to believe in a love that I will surrender, this time my dreams will come true.

It was a difficult decision for me to surrender to love again, while my weary heart with a convicted love was whispering to me softly, "don't be afraid".

That's why I was afraid of staying that night because the love I learned was a painful torment.

I still wanted to stay, despite all my memorizations, but I couldn't stay with you when the feeling of leaving outweighed.

You never knew how to be like me

You wouldn't know what I've been through, my anger, my tears, my fears!

Don't look at my strong stance, no one knows my "countless tears" that I hide under those smiles, only me and the Creator knows.

I am still that little girl;

So pure

So innocent

And so fragile.

My heart is broken but I can't tell you, I can't make you feel, but you don't understand where you hurt me.

Then, while I laugh, I pour my heart out to my only friend, my Lord, as always.

That's it, you couldn't understand it, you couldn't help it when you were tired of running away from my heart, you couldn't say stop.

You couldn't understand why I was trying to go, actually I wanted to stay, you couldn't understand me, oh I wish you had said "stop and don't go" while you were leaving and hugged me tightly, that's when I would hug this love with all my heart, with all my cells, but you didn't say don't go with your huge pride, your heart wasn't enough to say stay.

If you knew, your heart would not give up on love so quickly, it would hold it tighter than me, you would make me believe in your love.

But you didn't say stay so I went

from you.

So now, months later, don't ask me why, it's too late now, your name is now on my tongue to ask this question "Forbidden word".

All that's left of me is a big "Thank you". Like a wind, you first blew and then passed away from me, come on, good luck.

While the days are falling one by one like a dry leaf...

How many more seasons will it knock on your door for you to realize that the fallen is gone from your life?

How far can you escape from the truth when you build a world in your delusions?

Even if you put your head in the sand of heedlessness and debauchery like an ostrich, will death not see you?

Won't all the temporary existence, your loved ones, the ones you give a lifetime for, one day leave you?

Then for whom, for what life is life passing.

If you don't have a goal more valuable than your life, time is wasted.

When you look back one day, what do you want to see in the mirror of the past.

Here's what you want to see, you have to live today.

You should be at peace by giving happiness by producing, without delaying your life.

Everything becomes what it deserves.

Let's think about this word.

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Written by   196
10 months ago
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It takes a while to understand that we can build our own happiness. Good to see that you got it and walking on the right path. Have a good day.

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10 months ago

It takes a while to understand that we can build our own happiness. Good to see that you got it and walking on the right path. Have a good day.

The right time is always important

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10 months ago